5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should Make

The New Year is here and for the working individuals, this is the time where you should make a change in your journey. Whether in our personal choices or lifestyle, we always want to be the best and improve ourselves as time passes. But what about our career? It cannot be denied that our career is an important aspect in our lives which we would like to improve every year. So check out the five career resolutions that everyone should make as the New Year hits.

  1. Get a raise

Okay, so who doesn’t want a raise as soon as a year is reached right? You have been working hard all year, great attendance, and giving your best performance at work. You definitely deserve a raise! Use the extra cash to get some new clothing to rock for the entire year!

2. Reduce stress

It does not matter what nature your job is but it can be stressful at times. Stress is good but too much can make you feel unhappy with your job. Therefore for this New Year, take a time to step back and find ways which could reduce the level of stress. Learn to love your job, have passion and be excited to go to work every day.

3. Update your resume

There are plenty of good reasons you should always update your resume. Every year we are always given a challenge at work to learn new tasks, pick up new skills or lead new projects. Update your resume annually so you know what you have achieved and the experiences you have gained in your career journey. It does not mean you are searching for a new job but it is just easier to remember things you have learned when they are fresh in your mind.

4. Be more productive & organized

Start the year fresh by being more organized and productive at work. Re-organize your files, think of better ways to manage tasks and spring clean your work station. It will definitely make you feel more in control and focused at work. Not only that, it makes you become more skilled at the field you do.

5. Improve work-life balance

If you are one of those individuals who have trouble in balancing your work and life routine, take this year to make a slight change such as avoid bringing work home to work if it is not necessary, switch off those gadgets at home and spend you weekends wisely.

So what are your career resolutions for 2017? Please feel free to share them down below.