Kick boxing has always been an interesting fitness activity to burn off those calories. If you are getting tired of going to the gym to work out, probably it is the time for you to take up some boxing lessons. Why? Boxing has multiple of great benefits that you can experience and it definitely gives you that extra boost of confidence. You do not need to be punching an opponent as the training itself allows you to be physically and mentally prepared. If you wonder why you should start taking up boxing, check out five excellent reasons below.

1. Cardio

It is important for us to do some cardio activities at least once a week and kick boxing definitely is the perfect way to do it while having fun. Running on the treadmill may become boring but boxing gives you the opportunity to work off those calories without thinking too much about the exhaustion you are going through. Start with the basics slowly and gradually move up every week.

2. Strengthen arms & legs

Boxing absolutely helps strengthen your arms and legs as it requires quick motions in the routine. With regular training, this will continually make your arms and legs become stronger. Wear sleeveless tops or sports legging so that you can move easily.

3. Stress Reliever

It cannot be denied that there are days where we feel stressed out and boxing is the perfect way to wash it out of your system. Spar with a partner or hit the punching bag to let out the aggression. By the end of the routine, you will feel more relaxed and directly be fit.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Since boxing involves the movement of your whole body, it is no surprise that it promotes a great deal of weight loss. If you regularly kick box, it will help bring down a lot your weight and increases your stamina.

2. Self Defense

Every woman should learn how to defend herself and boxing gives the upper hand to you. Take the advantage of being fit and learn self-defense at the same time with kick boxing.

Have any great reasons to add to the mix? Feel free to share them with us below.

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