5 Must-Haves


Whether it’s off-the-shoulder, one shoulder or open shoulders,
the shoulder is basking in the spotlight. With the shoulder being one
of the slimmest parts of the female body, highlight them further with a
peak-a-boo effect of an open shoulder. The rule of top or bottom doesn’t
apply here so go ahead and opt for little mini or dramatic long number
when flaunting your sexy shoulders!


This is the new wardrobe must-have. Every girl should own a
pair of metallic sneakers as they brighten up the day, especially
when the sun’s out — reflecting its rays off your snazzy kicks. Wear
with a relaxed two-piece pant suit for an easy-breezy office
ensemble that is just as comfy as it is cool.


An animal print is one of those wardrobe go-tos which will never
fall out of fashion. Instead, designers update and renew them each
season, offering even more lust-worthy prints to fill our wardrobes with.
Stay away from anything too tight or too short when playing with prints,
and go for a more classic, subtle shape like a three-quarter-length
duster coat or midi wrap-around dress.


For some reason, an innocent-looking white dress always makes
the wearer look a little more angelic. It can therefore get away with
a more risqué hem or be paired with brighter accessories. With the
’70s being a key trend this Fall, channel your inner hippie with a dress
that sports a looser silhouette and bell-shaped sleeves, while swaying
to a Beatles tune from the jukebox.


This is the easiest, comfiest bag around that’ll keep your entire life
organised. Well, almost. Throw it over your shoulder and get on with
your errands while keeping your hands free. The size, shape, colour or
brand is irrelevant, as long as it’s big enough to hold your belongings,
without you resembling like a school kid. No matter what your
outfit is, the backpack will be too good to put down.