5 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Are you looking to travel to somewhere historic and with beautiful nature landscapes any time soon? If you are, we recommend you to visit Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean. Known for its ancient ruins, forests, highlands and beaches, this is a great place to gain that exquisite travel experience. Wondering what things to do in this spectacular destination? Whether you want to travel luxuriously or simply carrying a travel backpack on a casual trip, take a look at the fascinating places you can visit down below.

1. Kandy Esala Perahera Festival

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If you happen to visit Sri Lanka during July/August, do take the opportunity to attend the fascinating Kandy Esala Perahera Festival. The festival runs for over ten nights as a tribute to Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth relic. You will definitely be mesmerized with the colourful, lively and loudness of the festival. From elephants, religious participants and booming drums, it will absolutely be a new great experience for you to understand the culture there.

2. Udawalawe National Park

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Udawalawe National Park was created as a sanctuary for wild animals. It is the habitat of Sri Lankan elephants, deers, wild boars, mongooses, black-naped hare, foxes, buffalo, water birds and many more. The reserve is a very popular tourist destination for its wildlife attraction. Go set that safari experience by visiting Udawalawe National Park and start snapping photos on the tour adventure.

3. Adam’s peak

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Are you someone who love the outdoors? If you are, another great thing to do is to hike up to Adam’s peak. The history of Adam’s peak started way back to 2100 years ago and the legends are hoary. When you walk up the trails, you will pass by forests, abandoned tea fields and icy rivers. There are also resting points along the way where you can relax and catch a breath while enjoying the scenery. Go there during the off season if you want to get a more rewarding experience but be careful during the monsoon season from May to August. The best period to hike Adam’s peak is from December to May.

4. Whale & Dolphin watching

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This is definitely the tour you need to experience. You can hardly ever get the same experience anywhere else except in Sri Lanka to spot Blue Whales and dolphins in the ocean. Why? Because there is a 95% chance of spotting them during this tour. So do not miss the opportunity to get up close and personal watching the whales and dolphins swimming around your boat for a duration of three hours.

5. Cultural heritage

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Sri Lanka is rich with its historical and cultural heritage. One of its fascinating spots and also a UNESCO world heritage site is Polonnaruwa. The story behind the heritage site is amazing where a prince forced his way to the throne of Sri Lanka and became King Prakrama Bahu the Great. Today the vast ruins stand for its power and glory. Designed with elaborated carvings of elephants, horses and lotus flowers, you can definitely feel the glorious period of the kingdom.

Do you any other places and great activities to suggest? Please do share them with us in the comment section below.

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