5 Trendy Watches for the Minimalist

It cannot be denied that there are some people out there who love simplicity but still wants to maintain a stylish appearance. For example, watches are deemed as an accessory other than telling us the time but individuals who prefer a simple look will go for a more minimalist design.

As we all know, there are a lot of amazing designs of watches in the market for both men and women from various brands. However, for all the individuals who adore the minimalism touch to their wardrobe, these watches will definitely be the perfect choice. Check them out below.

1. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a very well-known brand due to its sleek signature design of watches for men and women. The concept of the simple white face watch and strap makes it appear sophisticated for you to don. Watches from DW brand is versatile to match with any outfit you own especially the leather strap ones.

Daniel Wellington brown Classy Bristol Watch
Daniel Wellington red and multi and navy Classy Oxford Watch
Daniel Wellington<br>Classic Sheffield Watch

2. Cluse

Cluse is absolutely the brand for the minimalist to add into their fashion wish list this year. It has a wide range of simple yet trendy watch designs to choose from based on the latest trends.

CLUSE La Bohème Gold White/Caramel Watch
CLUSE gold Pavane Rose Gold Stones Watch
CLUSE black and gold La Roche Gold Black Marble/Black Watch

3. Michael Kors

If you are one of those individuals who love that luxurious touch but still wants to maintain a modest simple look, Michael Kors watches are the one! The best part of it, the women watches are bedazzled with crystals but still have that minimal design to it which makes it perfect to flaunt to any occasion.

MICHAEL KORS silver and gold 2T Silver/Rose/Blue-MICHAEL KORS Parker
MICHAEL KORS brown Light Brown/Gunmetal Grey -MICHAEL KORS KemptoN
MICHAEL KORS gold Rose Gold/ Gunmetal Grey /Rose-MICHAEL KORS Ritz

4. Skagen

Skagen is another brand known to others with its stylish up-to-date yet minimal designs of watches. Both men and women can indulge in the fabulous pieces which are stunning in its own creative way.

Skagen black Skagen Hagen
Skagen blue and silver Silver Steel/Blue Skagen Ancher
Skagen silver Silver Steel /White-Skagen Rungsted

5. Fossil

Fossil gold Gold / Champagne Fossil Cecile
Fossil silver and brown Light Brown/Silver-Fossil Chelsey

Do you know any other fantastic watch brands which are perfect the individuals who love a minimal touch to their wardrobe? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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