5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby


Are you one of the many that realize since last year everywhere you go; there are plenty of pregnant women and babies. It seems like there is a baby season going on in town. Well, as excited as we are about babies, it cannot be denied that mothers especially the ones having their first born tend to struggle in the motherhood journey. You may want to appear to be a supermom but it takes a lot of learning and tips. If you want to feel that special connection with your baby, here are ways on how you can bond with him.

  1. Skin-to-Skin contact

As soon as your baby is born, spend your time with skin-to-skin contact. Give your baby kisses, hugs and cuddle with him whenever you can. Yes, being a mother requires sacrifice and one of it is your time. If you are a working mom, no worries as you can take your time during the night to be with your baby. Babies grow up fast so value that skin-to-skin phase with them.



Breastfeed your baby often and as long as possible because it creates that perfect magical bond that only two of your will understand. Other than giving the best nutrients from breastfeeding, you can also learn your baby’s expression and body language. It gives you that sense of happiness that your baby finds you as comfort.

3.Talk with him


Yes, your baby might not be able to answer back yet but keep talking with him as he will definitely notice your expression and learn fast. Talking with your baby makes him know that you are not neglecting him and gives him the best attention.

4.Believe in the baby language


It might not natural to you but do not get frustrated. Being a mother requires patience so take your time to truly understand your baby’s way of communicating. Cries ca be difficult to differentiate but as time passes you will get the hang of it so do not give up fellow mothers!

5.Have balance


Every mother’s know how tiring it is to have that balance in your life. Between work, cooking, cleaning, being a mother and a wife, mothers often neglect their own self. However if you are not happy with yourself, it will give a negative impact on the relationship with your baby. So take the effort to transform your fashion style that works well with your new role. Shop new clothes, get a haircut and have enough rest to feel like your own woman again.

So what are your ways of maintaining that special bond with your baby? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.