5 Ways to Dress to Impress

One thing you need to know is every time you step out of the house, you should always dress to impress. Why? Because you never know what opportunities out there that may be heading your way. You want to look the part everywhere you go and carry yourself with grace yet fashionable. Even though you may be having a lazy day, you can always pull various pieces of outfits together to not look sloppy when you are out and about. Take a look at the ways you can dress to impress while still enjoying your day.

a) The Sleek Jumpsuit

You can never go wrong wearing a jumpsuit as it has that certain element to it which makes it appear stylish as it is. It combines casual and sophistication for a woman to flaunt proudly anywhere you go. Who says only tall slender women can pull jumpsuits with style. It does not matter what your height is, make sure to know the right type of footwear to balance the jumpsuit with.

TOPSHOP Slouch Fit Pleated Jumpsuit
TOPSHOP Strappy Back Jumpsuit
TOPSHOP Floral Print Wrap Jumpsuit

b) Print Fever

Prints definitely play a huge part in adding that point of focus to your outfit. It makes you appear more present and stand out easily. Choose any type of prints you love from floral, Aztec, stripes, animal print or abstract and match it perfectly for a complete trendy look.

CLOSET Button Detail Squared Neck Dress
CLOSET Floral Wrap Long Sleeve Side Gathered Dress

c) Power Play The Metalics

You may be going to work, parties or even a day out with the girls but did you know that you could easily switch your simple tops or dress with the power of metalics. Metalics definitely add that powerful effect which transforms your look into a sophisticated and glamorous one. It will always make you be prepared for anything coming your way.

RIVER ISLAND Gold Metallic Strap Back Cami Dress
MISSGUIDED Wrap Front Midi Skirt

d) Explore Colours

Like prints, colours also give that added advantage when you are dressing up. If you are running errands on the weekends or simply hanging out with your friends, you will want to dress casually and wearing something in colour helps to fresh up your look without much effort.

Dorothy Perkins Cobalt Chiffon Maxi Dress
TOPSHOP Chiffon Pleat Midi Skirt

d) Lacey

Clothing embellished with lace fabric gives woman an elegant appearance no matter where you are. Laces dresses or tops works well at the workplace, dates, parties, dinner events or even a day out with the girls. It makes you look you are ready to grab anything that comes your way with confidence and elegance.

INDIKAH Long Sleeve Lace Dress
INDIKAH Hi-Lo Hem Lace Dress
CHI CHI LONDON Chi Chi Mackenzie Dress

Do you have any other ideas to throw into the mix for all of us to know? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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