5 Ways to Lose a Guy on the First Date

Every women wants to find that perfect men who can be with them through thick and thin. The one who accepts who they are and love no matter what. However, it can be a stressful thing to ponder on especially we hear our biological clock ticking pressuring us to find our soulmate fast. Therefore, we do not mind going on dates with numerous frogs to find our prince charming but it can be tiring if all of them do not work out. As sweet as you are as a lady, some of us do not realize that there are some mistakes we do during the first date that drives the men away from us.

  1. Overload on Makeup

Okay, you may want to look amazing and dolled up for your first date but be sure to not go overboard in the beauty department. One thing every woman should know is that men do not like women who put on too much makeup on as they still want to see your natural beauty. Apply a light texture of makeup on, with sexy lip colour and a nice eye makeup touch is all that is. Less is more ladies.

2. Too Much Perfume

Other than looking great, you want to smell great too and make your presence known but wearing too much perfume will also draw the men away. Why you may ask? The pungent scent will distract your date who wants to have a conversation with you.

3. Talking About Your Issues

Come on ladies. This is the first date so do not spill all your tea right now because it will definitely scare the men away faster than you think. No men want to hear about your issues in the start of the friendship/ relationship. Keep the conversation light, flirty and fun!

4. Stare (a lot) at your Phone

If you keep staring at your phone, he will assume that you are not interested to get to know him and will turn him off. He probably wants a woman who can be there in the moment with him and respect him enough to have a decent conversation.

5. Being overly demanding

You will absolutely scare your date away when you are being overly demanding during the date. For example, you hate the car his driving, being too picky on the food or even the spots you are going to during the date. You should give him the chance to know you better and just enjoy the whole day together. Laugh, talk and try to find something in common. Who knows he might be testing your true intentions for him?

So are you one those ladies who often make these dating mistakes? Share your experiences down below.