7 Breakfast Ideas for Every Day This Week

Breakfast is the important meal of the day and skipping it will be a definite NO-NO. Stop from eating the same meal during breakfast as it can be boring. If you are someone who tends to skip of breakfast, there are plenty of breakfast ideas you can switch around to satisfy your taste buds so you will always be looking forward to it. Whether you are on the go or waking up early to enjoy breakfast at your favourite café, these mouthwatering selections will always keep you energize to go through your day.

1. Waffles with maple syrup

Waffles are the best and even the kids love it. If you want that sweetness taste in the morning, waffles will be the perfect choice. Pour some maple syrup on top and sprinkle some berries for that complete enjoyment.

2. Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are the perfect substitute for waffles. You can make it at home or order it up at the nearest café on your way to work.

3. Strawberry Granola

If you are looking for a healthy meal in the morning, strawberry granola will be it. You can also toss in other fresh fruits in as well if you want more flavour. Not only that, it is easy to prep when you want that quick breakfast meal.

4. Eggs

It does not matter how you like you egg, it definitely gives you that boost of energy in the morning to lead your day. This is also something fast and easy to make in the morning while you are rushing out to work.

5. Warm Croissants

Dream of having that fresh warm croissants and drinking down coffee with it? Grab it at the café and experience the tastiness of it in peace.

6. Cereal

There are days when skipping breakfast seems to be the best idea because you need to rush to work or woke up late. Cereals will be your life saver in this situation as you can simply pour them into a bowl with milk and quickly finish it up while putting on your work clothes on to get ready.

7. Fresh Baguette

Feeling extra hungry and need something fulfilling for your breakfast? A fresh baguette will surely make your tummy full. You can make it at home or order it at a café according to your own taste.

Which one is your favourite breakfast meal? Leave your idea in the comment section below.