7 Shoes Every Man Of Style Needs

The woman in your life may have 101 pairs of shoes shoved under the bed and in any space imaginable but us men simply don’t. Brogues, Derbys and Chelsea boots are just some of the building blocks you need to establish a solid wardrobe for the man of style.

Boat Shoe — Go for either a neutral or dark shade and wear with chinos and a tee for that laid-back effortless look that is guaranteed to work every time.

Sneaker — For your daily run — be it in the gym or around town. Not much else to say. Standard footwear which you need for obvious reasons.

Chelsea Boot — Get suited and booted with these classics, whether you choose a suede or leather finish they’ll look better with age and give you that rock ’n’ roll swagger.

Brogue — Your workhorse shoe, appropriate for pretty much every occasion and can be worn with anything from jeans to chinos.

Derby — Ideal for those rare fancy occasions where you have to don a suit and tie. Go for a shade of black, always a winner and easier to keep clean.

Mandal (sandals for men) — For those really hot days — weekend only mind — no matter what profession you work in mandal’s aren’t for any 9–5 situations.

The Driving Shoe — The name speaks for itself, they’re easy to wear and super comfy. They do come in a multitude of colours but a khaki or navy pair is a good starting point.