7 Stylish Men on Instagram

Who says men do not know how to pull stylish outfits together? Well, if you are one who is clueless on what to wear everyday, no worries as you can follow these seven fashion influencers on Instagram to get that daily dose of fashion inspiration. Let’s check out the popular male style stars that have been getting attention for their amazing OOTD looks and fabulous lifestyle.

1. @andreamir

Giving his followers daily updates on OOTD’s, you will definitely feel inspired with Andre Amir’s fascinating styles. From casual to formal, he knows how to make it work and still look dashingly handsome.

2. @briansee

Brian has never failed to impress us with his trendy outfits and swag. Be it a simple oversize tee or layering up jackets, he will always it pull it off in every look.

3. @awalashaari

Awal Ashaari, a name which is popular in the entertainment industry proves that being a working dad does not stop him from looking on top of his game. He has the complete package — looks, career, charming personality and an awesome fashion sense.

4. @ryzal_jaafar

Ryzal Jaafar is not only talented in his acting skills but he always manage to look his best everywhere he goes. From red carpet events to a casual hang out with his friends, his style is on point!

5. @mrstailista (Ayie)

MrStailista or also known as Ayie, is one who is brave in making a statement in all his looks. Mix matching various patterns and colours together, he always look amazing from head-to-toe.

6. @neo_officials

Neo never fails to stay on top of his game by pulling anything on and still managing to look on fleek. You name it! He can turn something simple into a whole new level of fashion! Simple yet stylish is what we call it.

7. @johareemuhammad

Joharee amazes us with his impeccable styles and fierce model pose face in OOTD shots. Even with a simple tee on or a trendy outfit, the way he carries himself with confidence is what makes us fall head over heels.

Which IG style star you follow and who are your favourites? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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