Tommy Hilfiger is a very well-known brand in the fashion industry as it offers stylish clothing range for men and women. The designer, Tommy Hilfiger, himself never fails to put his creative work into exciting new designs based on the latest current trends. The brand’s enormous success in providing the unisex fashion collection in the retail clothing market has gained huge support throughout the years.

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-respected fashion designer worldwide since the early days and leads a fabulous lifestyle but there are also a few facts about him that you might not know. Check out the few fun facts we have discovered about the famous fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

1. Born on March 24, 1951 and his star is Aries.

2. Began his designing career at the age of eighteen where he reworked jeans and selling them to local stores.

3. Hilfiger never went to design school but began experimenting with design in the early 1970s while he was running a boutique called The People’s Place who his then wife, Susan Cirona was the creative director.

4. He used to be a judge on the TV design show The Cut.

5. The brand’s blue jeans and other products made Tommy Hilfiger the king of ‘urban fashion’ in the 1990s.

6. Tommy Hilfiger published two books titled ‘All-American: A Style Book’ with David A.Keeps and ‘Rock Style: How Fashion Moves to Music’ with Anthony DeCurtis.

7. Tommy Hilfiger is the father of Ally Hilfiger who starred in the MTV 2003 Series, Rich Girls.

8. The designer also sponsored concert tours by The Rolling Stone, Britney Spears and Jewel.

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