8 Signs You Are Not in a True Relationship

Yes, it is true that love is blind and that makes us close our eyes on certain matters in a relationship. Everyone has been there but making those mistakes makes us learn on how to grow with time. However as much as heartbreaks, tears, happiness, laughter that we experience in a relationship, how will we know that we have someone who is true? True here brings the meaning of whether that person actually is committed to us during the dating stage or so to speak, not making you a mistress!

The world is tough out there to spot sincere men so many women may have some problems to detect who can be trusted when starting up a relationship. Here are a few signs to know whether you are a mistress and not in a true relationship that you hope for.

1. Odd Hours Call

Do you realize the he calls you or text you at odd times such as during work hours, the wee hours or while he is doing his errands. He hardly replies your text and calls you in the evening when you are all settled and relaxed to give attention. Or even to set a time frame when you can or cannot ring him up because it might be he is spending time with his wife and kids.

2. Avoids to add you on Social Media

Okay, most people nowadays have a social media account. Be it- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, everyone has them despite being active or not in it. If he is someone who has them and is reluctant to add you as his friend, he might just be hiding his personal life to you.

3. Phone Alert

Does he own two phones or often makes sure you do not see the screen of his phone? This is a major red flag because if he has nothing to hide, he wouldn’t mind leaving his phone unattended when you are around. Chances are the he is worried you will know about his secret life. He will probably say that it is work related matters and emails which you do not need to care about.

4. Availability

If you are feeling suspicious that he is hardly available to go out on a date on times you assume he will be free from work such as weekends or weekday nights. Unless he is someone who has a job with shifts or an obvious workaholic, it probably means that he is spending those days with his wife and children.

5. Giving you money

Yes who doesn’t love being spoilt by the man she loves but giving you money for expenses to buy clothing and other luxurious items all the time might make you question his intentions. Does he think he can cover his tracks by spoiling you big time? Or does he only want you when he needs you?

6 Meet and leave separately

This is an obvious reason if it becomes a regular routine for both of you. Meeting and leaving separately at a place just seems like you are sneaking around with him. He might not want to be seen together with you in public and meets you at private places or peculiar locations so that you do not bump in anyone he might know.

7. Too secretive

Some me prefer to not share about his work and personal life in the early stages but as the relationship progresses, he will slowly will. But if you have been dating him for some time and he still is too secretive about his work, family, where he lives and his circle of friends, you might question it.

8. Your Saved Number

As women we are curious to know what name he saves your number as in his phone. For those who have been dating for some time and have formed a bond, you might want to glance and see whether he saves your number under your actual name or a sweet nickname. If he doesn’t even save your number or save it under a man’s name, do take into mind that he might not that be serious to date you long term or just making you the mistress.

As cliché as this may sound but do trust your gut instincts. If you feel that something is not right or certain red flags keep popping up, take your leave because chances are what you are feeling might be true. Have any of you ladies gone through this type of experience without even realizing it? Do share us your stories in the comment section below as we love to hear them!

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