ZCOOP MY Editor-in-Chief, Aini Shah

Aini Shah is the Editor-in-Chief for ZALORA ZCOOP MY Magazine and she loves writing on various topics from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, recipes, fitness, relationships and travel to inspire others. The Malay-Chinese mix blood lady has been part of ZALORA’s ZCOOP Magazine project since its conception. Being a true Cancer, she is someone who knows how to be intact with her creative side and this helps her to write relatable articles for her readers. In the process of writing a romance novel, she has been hooked to story-telling since a young age. Participating in story-telling and writing competitions since her elementary days, she never gets tired of it.


Sharing tit bits of her life in her blog and Instagram @norelannie, she believes in sharing daily stories and events of her life to help others understand that you can definitely have it all if you put your mind to it.  Married to her high school sweetheart of 10 years, she loves writing on relationship advices from her own roller coaster experiences. When she is not busy carrying her role in the office, this mother of one may be spending time with her family at home or hanging out with her girls. Standing by the quote ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game’ teaches her to be strong and achieve her dreams. Women empowerment all the way!

If you want to get in contact with her for guest posting or even media invitations, please feel free to drop her an email at  

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Contributing Writer: Amer Ridzuan

Amer Ridzuan was born in 1998, he simply enjoys relating little life details on his blog named AMERZING. His casual manner of expressing himself in an everyday language reflects his down-to-earth and outgoing personality. Amer is not afraid to bare it all with his readers. This certainly makes him an approachable figure in the blogosphere even though he was just started in early November 2016.

Determined to be a broader minded and successful guys in his ages, he tends to be different. He likes to try new things in his leisure. He intends to be a great freelance writer in the magazine ever since his passion for writing is tremendously high. He believes that it won’t take a long time, one day he will make a name for himself.

For his sharp sense of humor and sophisticated fashion sense, he also loves to share his thoughts on fashion in his blog. Mostly he views on men fashion style and what he likes about it. One of the Nicholas Spark’s big fans. He writes some short stories too.

If he’s not sharing about the fashion and life hacks in his blog, you can find him being a dedicated student in his university in Melaka, spending quality time with friends and trying new stuff. You can check out more on his Instagram. @ameridzuan

For him, life is a journey, just enjoy the ride. Stop saying I wish and start saying I will, then you will create the dreamland of yours. Fight until the end and just don’t lose.



Contributing Writer: Sarah Lee

Here's my story about myself: 

I'm Sarah! Born and bred from the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, now studying in Sydney, Australia. I started my blog officially in 2012. I'm always a foodie and loves to take pictures too! I'm also really into fashion, love to travel and love sharing tips and tricks to make your life easier! So that's what my blog will be about, an awesome lifestyle blog that is filled with awesomeness!

Contributing Writer: Maisarah Ibrahim

Maisarah Ibrahim was raised in Selangor, Malaysia. You can call her Sarah for short. She is 19 years old girl who loves everything about books and writing. Being a passionate writer has been her dream since she loves to read novels when she was 12. Then, she started a small step by writing on her blog named Lullabyssz. 

Currently she is pursuing her diploma in International Trading at Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) at Terengganu, Malaysia. On top of being a full time student, she will always make time to do something else like blogging, reading books, and running her businesses. Having too much tattoos on her passport are on top on her bucket list. 

You can reach her by her instagram on @lullabyssz and her blog on for more updates.


Contributing Writer: Iman Ridzuan

"Hi there! Iman Ridzuan here. If you don't know me from , I am actually a blogger who's passionate about beauty related stuffs. Therefore if you want to know about any skincare or makeup tips, do leave me a message and I will try my very best to help out. And I am obsessed with animals. The bigger the better ;) Hugging a wild tiger or lion is on top of my bucket list, so pray for me!"

Contributing Writer: Zatil Aqmar

My name is Nurzatil Aqmar, I blog at Engineer by profession, mother of 7-months old baby by nature. When I'm not in the office in black pants suit, you'd find me at home cradling my baby with my laptop or running around the house with a sweeper trying to sort my scrapbooking stuff (a hobby I developed since uni). In between those, I blog.


I started blogging back in foundation years, before flying off to Japan to pursue my degree. It was just a hobby back then because I needed an outlet to write and rant. Well, who knew.. the hobby lasted this long!

I mostly blog about things I encounter in my life - the archives recorded my experience taking up engineering degree in a Japanese university, traveling throughout Japan, student's lifestyle being abroad and such. I started sharing my insights on fashion, too - it's hard not to do that when you're surrounded with fashion-forward Japanese classmates in uni. And thankfully, the hobby continues till I'm back in Malaysia for good a few years ago. 

Fast-forward, there were no longer ranting entries about college; but instead, I started blogging about my wedding preparation. Got married to my then boyfriend of 9 years! Blessed with a wonderful baby boy recently, too - so as a first-time mother, expect more blog entries on my baby boy and clueless parenting style. 

The blog includes my travel logs too as sometimes my boss would send me off to overseas for work. Working so far away from home isn't so fun, but I find solace in it by looking at the experience in new perspective, and blogging about it is definitely one of it.

I find blogging awesome because I can write and share on things from my own view; which sometimes people wouldn't expect. It provides a platform for me to connect with others, too - I came to find that people tend to relate to you better when you express yourself on paper. And writing about my interests for Zalora, one of the most prestigious e-commerce website? The best thing ever.

Contributing Writer: Abdul Wafiy Shuib

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. I like trekking, going on trips with friends, listening to music and watching latest movies. For many years since 2010, I have been interested to write stories about my life in my blog as a son and a student. Currently pursuing a Foundation in Laws at Interrnational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Another major interest of mine is reading whether it is news paper, magazine, novel or any book written by any good author. I hope I can be a good writer in the future. My focus in ZALORA ZCOOP Publication is about lifestyle as I like to share some tips from my life.

Feel free to DM me at my Instagram @wafiyms to exchange some experiences or anything with me. That's all.


Contributing Writer: Abigail Asrina

Abigail Asrina, or fondly known as Absy is a Borneo lass with a mind that never sleeps. A firm believer in getting out of one’s comfort zone to explore uncharted territories and going the distance, she is always seen tackling various projects and goals (but also because she gets bored easily). She is an Animation student, avid instagrammer,  Marvel superfan, film/tv geek, street foodie, and is dedicated to serve at the beck and call of her beloved rescue cats.

Absy is enthusiastic about arts, animals, beauty and female empowerment – a passion which she hopes to share with her readers through the beauty articles she writes about. To get to know her better, follow Absy on her Instagram @ototperut, or read her personal ramblings on her little blog “Two Broke Natives”.

Contributing Writer: Hani Lufti

Hani Lutfi is a 20 year-old Accounting major from Kuching, Sarawak. After dreaming about becoming a children’s book author when she was 4 and writing for New Strait Times in 2012, Hani started running her own blog called The Lunch Companion, tailored to document her beauty and food finds, travel adventures and personal life updates. Follow her on social media to keep up with her blog updates and other shenanigans she might be up to!

Contributing Writer: Ateeqa Nasha

Ateeqa Nasha, a Negeri Sembilan-born, but self-proclaimed Kedahan whose heart forever resides in Jitra although formerly brought up in the UK, graduated in United States and now currently based in KL, Malaysia. She has produced creative work for startups and personal commission using her weapon of mass creation i.e. pen, pencil and brush infused with a little bit of knowledge in Visual Communication and Communication Studies. Writing and design have always been part of her life since little as it runs in the blood.

Blogging at the age of 14, what started as a hormonal teenage expressionism eventually turned into a serious lucky space of which through it, she oftentimes unintentionally received awards, acknowledgement and cheques for creative writing. Finally she was convinced and admits to her love for that skill and would keep on doing that. Check out her blog and publications on ZCOOP Malaysia.

She finds that she's happiest when creating and feeling inspired so when she's not working, you can find her reading, crafting, socializing, doing sports and out in the nature. Her motto is, and will always be, "Work hard, make a mark, have a humble heart." 

Happy exploring!

Contributing Writer: Lenne Zulkiflly

Hello! I'm Lenne. A twenty-one year old blogger based in Malaysia. The content-creator of 

I'm a makeup enthusiast, I love everything about makeup especially when it has the power to enhances the beauty of us all. I'm also a lover of cats! Meow~ I'm always a foodie; it makes me happy. 

I love creating content and sharing it with the people out there. Being connected with other people all across the world is amazing as I've always been inspired by other bloggers and that's one of the reason why I have my own little corner of the internet. Blogging is fun, blogging is awesome and I will never stop blogging. 


The moment I was given the chance to write for Zalora for the first time was phenomenal and probably one of the best thing ever happened to me. I was thrilled because Zalora?? The most prestigious online shopping website?? Duh. 

Contributing Writer: Nora Liza

My name is Nora Liza and the blog owner of  I have been writing since uni years but never take blogging seriously. Thing I write about are usually regarding things that piqued my interest and I love to share it with other people.  

My source of inspiration to write comes from everywhere, like a story from a person I met during lunch.  In digital world it would be pinterest, youtube and also instagram.  

When I am not working or writing I love playing sports, badminton is one of them. 

Lets be friends, shall we?.

Contributing Writer: Siti Sorfiena Syasha

I am Siti Sorfiena Syasha Binti Muhamad Suzainye. I grew up in Selangor and Melaka but I’m originally from Kuala Lumpur. I completed my Diploma in Photography and Creative Imaging in the University Technology Mara, Campus Alor Gajah, Malacca. About my working experience, I had working at Studio Photography at UiTM Malacca as assistant photographer on the convocation day.

Coming to family background, it consists of 9 members including me. My hobbies are net surfing, travelling, shooting, listening songs, cooking and watching K-Dramas. My favorite color is black and red. I love to capture the moment because one day, everything will change and what just stay is ‘memories’. Keep photograph your world.

Contributing Writer: Nadey Khairudin

Salam and Hi!...I'm Siti Nadirah Khairudin but friends called me Nadey. I'm from Gombak, crazy, loves to laugh out loud and likes anime so much. Graduated in Zoology course in UKM. Animal lover EXCEPT cockroach. The best thing about my career, now I'm an entomologist/Business Development Exec (study in insect especially cockroach) in Pest Control company

About hobbies, I'm a single lady who has various hobbies such as blogging, anime figure collector (kamen rider), reading, korea japan drama marathon, travel, scuba diving, paragliding and I loves writing cerpen. 

Started blogging since May 2010, Biawak Goweng Nadey . My blog story about life, travels I went to, my short stories, my random thoughts, music, drama and movie reviews and my blog is a place I'd share memories.

Actually, I do private my Instagram and FB however just hit me an Instagram DM at Nadey Khairudin. I will open my heart to let you know me more.

Contributing Writer: Nurul Farahin Zamri

A simple girl with big dreams. Born and raised in Selangor, Malaysia. A die-hard fan of Harry Potter. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Computing at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). I started blogging (on-off) since 2008. In 2014, I re-launched my blog to fill my free time during semester break. Instead of blogging, I also write short stories and poems during my spare time. Basically, NFARAHINZ  is about my life as a daughter and student. I love to write about anything but fashion is just not my forte. I hope that I can expand my blog to the higher level and become a professional blogger sooner or later.

Contributing Writer: Nur Farahuda

Hai. My name is Nur Farahuda and I'm 24 years old. I was born in 26 Januari and come from Johor Bahru. I'm a full time student at one of the IPTS that was stated in Pahang, and Alhamdulillah now it was third year of my degree. And I was taking BBA (Hons) major in Human Resources Management. 


After read such a several novel, then I got some idea to write something about love. Haha, that time I remaja lagi. I think that time I was 15 years old. But, while I continue my studies (diploma and also degree), seems like I have no time for that, because busy with my studies. So, I decide to focus on writing blog. At least, dapatlah I lepaskan rindu pada hobi I yang suka menulis, right? 


About blog,

I blog since I 17 years old, but at the time I just share about my life and nothing much. Sometimes, I don't know what to share, so I just stop there. But after 2 years (in 2011, if I'm not mistaken), then I continue with blog. At the time, I start to explore by my own self, how to blogging in the right way. So start from that, I slowly focus on writing blog until now.


I just like to share anything with my reader include any tips, tutorial and tips blogging, about food, travelling (sometimes), and of course about my life journey too. 

Contributing Writer: Aishah Badrulhisham

I am Aishah Badrulhisham and I was born on 28th January 1997. I was the youngest child out of three siblings. I lived in Johor and currently pursuing my study in Communication and Media Studies at UiTM Melaka. I love to write and my ambition is to become a Journalist.

Actually I started my blog since I was 12 years old. But somehow I stopped blogging a few months later. During From 4, I decided to make a fresh start by writing my blog again. In my blog I write about random topics such as travelogue, beauty tips, recipe and sometime I would review some products in my blog.

For leisure persuit I enjoy reading novels, magazines and motivation books. If I don’t have any books left to read, I will watch movies or Korean dramas. I was a Korean drama fans and I will make sure to watch all of the latest drama (especially the famous one).

So you can check out my blog for some new recipes, beauty and also travel tips there. You can also take a glimpse on my Instagram account @aishah.bdrlhshm .


Contributing Writer: Melissa Kartini

Hey there! My name is Melissa Kartini, and you've just been greeted by the nerdiest picture I own. Born in Sabah and raised in Selangor, I'm a multiracial lady who enjoys writing more than anything.

Like most writers, I have my own little corner on the Internet where I blog about my interests- most of which consist of anything to do with beauty, entertainment and lifestyle. You can find that blog right here.

Feature writing aside, I've assumed numerous online pseudonyms over the years for the purpose of writing fiction and beta reading. To a certain extent, I still do. Other hobbies I have include binge-watching my favourite TV series, reading and listening to music. On very rare occasions, I might pick up a pencil and draw.

Recently, I’ve developed an interest in learning new languages and have been taking language classes to satiate this growing curiosity. I wish to gain fluency in Japanese, Mandarin and eventually, Korean.

As for dreams... I hope to one day retire a happy, old cat lady with next to no worries in mind. Obviously this is going to take awhile.

You can also find me on Instagram.