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A Quickie with ZALORAICON Amanda Liu

A Quickie with ZALORAICON Amanda Liu


ZALORA’s very own fashion buyer Amanda Liu takes centre stage as she makes waves in the local fashion industry being a well received trendsetting influencer. With a keen interest for fashion and art, we can say Amanda has an eye for style. Featured as our Zalora Icon this week, sit back and enjoy getting to know Amanda as she answers our quick fire questions.

  1. Your first positive thought of the day every morning would be?

It’s a brand new day so put all the negative vibes from yesterday and look forward to positive things.

2. If you can only put on one makeup item for the day, what will it be?

Eyeliner :)

3. The most comfortable _____ is all anyone needs in their closet.

Basic oversized white tee.

4. What’s your personal style in one word?


“I feel like the way you dress really expresses who you are.”

5. What’s the best thing from ZALORA that you own?

Boots! #bootlover

6. What current in-trend style are you loving right now?

Choker, bell sleeves & denim.


7. Your fashion forecast for the next month?

Pretty tricky to say because trends stay for a few months, sometimes a few seasons too. But for now I’d say Sliders.

8. A style quote that you embody and carry with you at all times.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.” — Coco Chanel.

9. Five things that you have in your handbag right now are?

Miniature Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo perfume, shades, make up pouches, wallet, smartphone.

10. Pass on an icon-worthy piece of fashion advice.

Be yourself & wear what you feel is best because that defines who you are, and that personalises your style.

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