A Sporty Festive Situation

Mizz Nina is an award-winning singer and songwriter that has taken Malaysia by storm. Since her return from Hajj in 2013, all that’s changed. She now focuses on expanding her fashion empire with the birth of Sawdaa By Mizz Nina.

The singer cum designer turns to modesty and athleisure as major inspirations for this year’s collection. With that, Sawdaa By Mizz Nina features a series of high-end cutting edge pieces that convey the message of strong willed, independence and self-consciousness with a strong purpose in life.

For Raya 2016, the brand introduces a sporty twist to traditional kurungs and jubahs that are carefully made with space cotton. These sporty kurungs and jubahs are so versatile, they could also be worn backwards!

“Fashion is fun! Being fashionably modest is the new cool.” — Mizz Nina. Well said, girl!