Ageing Acceptance & Care Tips

Women often see themselves worrying over fine lines and wrinkles especially when they embark into their late 20s. Although nowadays we see women in their early 20s already dabbling into the world of anti-ageing solutions. With so called beauty standards now being torn down one by one, it’s about time women (and men) accept the beauty IN ageing. What a better way to age gracefully than being confident and self-assured that ageing isn’t really that bad.

Now sure, these “standards” are being pushed aside as more women celebrate natural beauty but caring about your skin when you’re ageing isn’t a crime either. So to put it in a fairly neutral aspect, there’s got to be a balance. Moderation is key here. Now this isn’t going to be filled with pep talk but instead, let’s have a look at a few tips in skincare we can all benefit from when it comes to anti-ageing.

  1. Vitamin A, C & E

Yes, ACE your skin and overall health age with these main Vitamins. While it’s important to reap them through food, you can also receive positive outcomes with skincare ranges that offer Vitamin serums. Vitamin A is key for cell growth, Vitamin C helps tissue grow and heal itself whereas Vitamin E regulates retinol levels important for healthy skin. As always with skincare products, do a test patch or consult your dermatologist.

2. Simply hydrate

Apparently the drinking water to replenish skin myth has been busted but it’s still a good thing to keep yourself hydrated. Aside from water intake, moisturise your skin. Dry skin can be taut and cause the appearance of fine lines so invest in a good moisturiser depending on your skin type and add in a good night mask routine specifically with hyaluronic acid.

3. Keep the sunrays at bay

If you don’t have a sunblock in your everyday skincare regime, it’s best to get started now. Contrary to the belief that you get Vitamin D from sun rays, it’s time you know that not all sun exposure will generate Vitamin D. Most of the time, you’re exposed to harmful UV rays instead. So, keep sun spots from appearing and early onset ageing at the same time by adding at least an SPF25 sunblock.

And there you have it, 3 simple anti-ageing care tips! Got a few tips to add of your own? Let us know in the comment box down below.