Athleisure — Get Fashion Fit

Athleisure is the latest expression to come out the fashion word of play and into the dictionary. Describing a piece of athletic clothing which can be worn in or outside of the gym, it is the most comfortable lifestyle and fashion trend that you certainly shouldn’t be running away from just yet.

You know that you’ve been bitten by the athleisure bug if you’ve started making looks for the gym — even when you aren’t going to spin class. People of all ages are wearing workout wear all day, pairing leggings with ankle boots and a denim shirt to the office for a subtle pre-workout look or on the weekend going for a full workout outfit even if they have absolutely zero plans on actually going to the gym. Why? Because gym wear is not only super comfy but when brands such as Superdry, Lululemon and NIKE are producing pieces which are fashion led what’s not to love?

This trend is best pulled off at a happy medium with one piece taking your athleisure look from gym to street. The key is that the one middle piece needs to have a sleek and sporty feel to itself — a pair of glittery stilettos isn’t going to cut it. Wedge trainers, mirrored sunglasses, structured leather jacket will all be the perfect middle-man piece. For style inspiration you can look to Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna who are all avid fans, regularly being spotted in athleisure looks.