Awesome Ways to Impress a Guy

Do you ever feel that you want to always get the attention of the guy and make him constantly fall head over heels over you? It is not just about the physical attraction to make the man stay but it is all about how you capture his heart. Your pretty face and hot figure might not stick for long so having that extra few characteristics is a must to impress the guy all the way even after you got the guy’s hearts. Maintain it with these awesome ways listed down below.

  1. Do not be judgmental

It cannot be denied that a lot of men might have done some mistakes and stupid things in their past. From the stunts they pulled to the decisions they make in life. That is normal but when he shares them with you, do not be judgmental even though you do not actually agree with him. People make mistakes and that teaches us to grow. It taught him to grow as well and being understanding is what makes him remember you even when the conversation ends.

2. Smile and Laugh

A guy feels that when you let out a sweet smile or laugh that you are enjoying his company. No man wants to be going out with a woman who does not show her giddy side or controlling her own self too much. Let loose and show that you are sincere. Just remember to not overdo it to the point it becomes obnoxious.

3. Be naughty but nice

Show him that naughty side of you once in a while. He will truly be impressed to learn that you have a playful side especially after this while you were perceived as the straight-lace good girl. Being able to show him this side of you makes him remember that he has the complete package right in front of him.

4. Wear some perfume

Be a flirt by wearing some perfume on as men can go crazy over them. Just experiment with different scents of perfume every time you meet him and identify which gets the best reaction out of him, then stick to it.

5. Be spontaneous

As your relationship progresses, it might become boring if you do not keep it alive. So always be spontaneous to spice up the bond between both of you. Surprise him with gifts or trips and you will definitely enjoy each other. He will probably do the same spontaneous attempt as you did too in the future.

Have you ever tried these ways to impress the man of your dreams or even your crush? Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.