Backstage Products You Can Own

The secret to models looking like they’re out to slay isn’t always what you think — expensive products. Little did you know, backstage makeup also comprises of easy to find and affordable drugstore brands. Hard to believe? Not really, so read on to find out how you can achieve runway ready looks on your own today with these top product brands.

1. Maybelline

Maybe it’s Maybelline? Well, it definitely is. One of the most used makeup brand on the runways is easy to find and even easier to get your hands on. Mousse foundations for various coverage needs, the most raved Baby Lips lip balm to versatile eyeshadow colour palettes, you name it they’ve been used to create effortless looks for the runway. Now you can too because Maybelline is both affordable and readily available.

2. L’oreal Paris

Behold, another cult beauty product for runway looks. L’oreal Paris is the beauty brand that is just as good as any pricey high end makeup there is. Bold and beautiful colours from lipstick to pigmented eye palettes, your options for makeup just expanded. The L’oreal Paris line of foundation also offers optimum coverage and lasting wear. Pick up your fave today!

3. Micellar Water

See that clear rounded bottle with a pink red cap? The staple brand for this would be Bioderma however if that’s not within your price range, don’t worry. There’s a dupe that works just as well. You can opt for Garnier’s micellar water too. Micellar water has been used backstage to cleanse and prep models prior to makeup application. It’s also greatly used to erase minimal makeup blunders. Aside from its fine quality properties, there’s no question needed as to why micellar water is great for prepping looks before they hit the runway.

There you go, secrets to backstage beauty at the tip of your fingers. Going to get any of these soon? Let us know down below.