Beauty Trend of the Year

Every year beauty trends come and go but the one which have been getting a huge attention this year among the ladies is matte lipsticks. Different brands are emerging with their own signature collection of matte lipstick battling out with various shades as women love rocking the beauty look everywhere they go. Although matte lipsticks texture may come off as dry, the shade makes your lip colour looks bold natural and effortless.

Not only that, matte lipsticks tend to stay on longer compared to the glossy ones and you do not need to keep reapplying it. The matte formula gives that opaque finish making your lips look plump and sexy full. From soft shades to bold brights, you can take your favourite pick and pull off the best makeup look which portrays your personality well to others. Among the top selected matte lipstick shades that women are flaunting this year are nude, coral, pinkish and bright red. All you need is one coat to get your matte fixed touch and the perfect epitome of beauty.

However, one tip for the ladies to keep in mind while applying matte lipstick is to ensure that you have smooth supple lips as cracked lips may jeopardize the whole beauty of it all. Apply a hint of lip balm to give moisturize and slather on the matte lipstick shade of your choice with confidence. Know the right way of rocking this beauty trend and you will definitely look gorgeous as ever.

Are you one of those ladies who just adore this beauty trend? Share with us your favourite matte lipstick brand which you love in the comment section below.