Best Beaches to Visit in Malaysia

Everyone loves spending their day at the beach and Malaysia is a country blessed with the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Some of Malaysia beaches are buzzing with excitement while some have a more peaceful feel to it. For the individuals out there who are figuring out the best beaches to visit during the holidays or your time off work, you will definitely be mesmerized with the serenity of the stunning beaches in Malaysia. If you are planning a vacation and have no idea where to start, let us of help in narrowing down you beach locations in Malaysia which will leave you breathless.

1. Perhentian Island

Credit to: Attractions Malaysia

Perhentian Island is divided by two sides called ‘Perhentian Kecil’ and ‘Perhentian Besar. For the backpackers who prefer a relaxing surrounding to casually enjoy, Perhentian Kecil will be the spot to visit. Meanwhile, luxurious travelers can opt for the Perhentian Besar. The Perhentian Island offers a beautiful sight of crystal clear blue water, think jungles and white sands. Anyone will fall in love with the beauty of the whole island.

2. Langkawi Island

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Langkawi Island is definitely the paradise to shop as anything you purchase there is tax free. Besides being a great place to do your shopping, Langkawi also has plenty of small beaches that you could visit depending on your liking. You will definitely carry back home a full load of items in your travel bags.

3. Rawa Island

Credit to: Alangs Rawa

If you have some extra cash to spend your vacation in a luxurious spot, Rawa Island is the place to go. Check in the fascinating hotels in Rawa Island and spend your time being treated like a King. Couples who want a romantic getaway will be impressed in the whole setting of the island.

4. Sipadan Island

Credit to: Windows Malaysia

Located in Sabah, Sipadan Island offers you that spectacular view of crystal clear view and wide horizontal landscape. This is the perfect place for you to feel that romantic setting while snorkeling in the ocean.

Do you have any other locations of beaches in Malaysia which is worth a visit? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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