Bling In Time For Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us and festive dinners are a must have. Haven’t decided what to wear yet? Don’t worry, pop on some delightful Christmas-y colours and let the bling do the talking. You’ve got another reason to dial up the festivities with your outfits so why not add a touch of shimmer and let yourself glow in the limelight for a change. Try out these simple dos for a festive shine into the holidays.

1. Put it right on

Try the bold approach and put on the bling as your main. Look out for classic blings such as silvers and golds. For texture, find fabrics with sequins or flecks of shimmer embedded within. If you’re one of the Grinch types (yes, there are some out there), opt for an emerald bling instead. When you’ve got a sequin or metallic maxi skirt lying around in the closet, it’s time to take it out and dress for the occassion.

2. Keep it in the details

A more subtle approach is to accessorise instead. Find a shimmery clutch or bag donned with rhinestones. Go for foils and metallic colours when it comes to your shoes. These act as outfit accents and with it, you’ll still be radiating that festive vibe without being overpowering. If you’re a fan of jewelry, put on layered necklaces, bracelets or just a pair of diamond earrings will do. Pick one or the other instead of having a jewelry rack all over you.

3. Something for him

Here’s a quick extra for the men out there who don’t necessarily feel like blinging up for the festivities. Let’s face it, glitter isn’t exactly what you’re into but for a special occasion, why not give it a try? Instead of a complete shimmer, aim for flat-type bling like golds and silvers incorporated within clothing pieces with solid reds, blues or greens. Put on your best shiny accessory and impress your other half with your styling skills.

What if you don’t have any of these for your outfit? Don’t worry, give glitter makeup a try instead! Will you be donning bling for Christmas? Let us know down below.