Calvin Klein Now Available At ZALORA

Over the years, Calvin Klein owes its success to its undying devotion to bold and progressive ideals. With the aim to thrill and inspire its audience, Calvin Klein often shows a seductive aesthetic matched with striking designs in their ever-famous provocative imagery that jump starts the senses. In nearly half a century, Calvin Klein has never backed down in being a cultural catalyst across the globe. Embracing tension, sparking ideas and creating unforeseen realities are only among the many wonders that the brand continuously accomplishes.

Bridging culture and fashion, the Calvin Klein Fall 2016 campaign features people of all walks of life to talk about their stories and their lives. A diverse line up of over 40 celebrities and individuals express their interpretations of #mycalvins. From big time creative director Grace Coddington to superstar Margot Robbie and a diverse cast of streets models.

Here are a few of the stories that are about to send you a jolt of motivation, positivity and passion:

Bella Hadid

The younger sister of supermodel Gigi Hadid and a rising model on her own right, Bella’s personality shines even brighter than her natural beauty. Her comments on camaraderie and living for a greater good are down to earth inviting and inspiring. A certified millennial and youthful at heart, Bella shares that it’s all about doing you best every time and on each new experience, she emerges better than ever. “I am epic in #mycalvins” is the perfect way to sum up her story.

James Rodriguez

As a professional athlete, James has been exposed to adrenaline and many sorts of energies. His successful career in sports started to show at a young age but he continuously goes on a pursuit to achieve what can still be reached. The fast heartbeats from a satisfying run across the field, the speedy and skilled movements plus an immediate response while on play are what give James Rodriguez the confidence. When on the field and pursuing his dream, James proves: “I am quick in #mycalvins”.

Calvin Klein proves its dominating presence in the fashion industry by combining the flattering aspect of design with inspirations from culture, social dynamics and global trends.

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