THREAD Editor-in-Chief, Aini Shah


Aini Shah is the Editor-in-Chief for ZALORA THREAD MY Magazine and she loves writing on various topics from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, relationships and travel to inspire others. The Malay-Chinese mix blood lady has been part of ZALORA’s Magazine project since its conception and she treats THREAD MY Magazine like her baby. In the process of writing a romance novel, she has been hooked to storytelling since a young age. Participating in story-telling and writing competitions since her elementary days, she never gets tired of it.


Sharing tit bits of her life in her blog and Instagram @norelannie, she hopes that her stories can help make a positive difference for someone. Married to her high school sweetheart of 10 years, she sometimes writes on relationship to share what she learned with others.


When she is not busy rocking a career, this mother of one may be spending time with her precious family at home. Balancing a career and being a mom is no easy task but this inspired her to start planning her own kids clothing line in the near future. Standing by the quote ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game’ teaches her to be strong and achieve her dreams. Women empowerment all the way!


 If you want to get in contact with her for guest posting or even media/event invitations, please feel free to drop her an email at

THREAD Content Writer, Dini Azri


One thing that you should know about Dini Azri is that he absolutely loves writing. He loves it so much that he abandoned his studies in Civil Engineering to pursue his dreams of being a successful writer. Graduating his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism back in 2018, Dini immediately set his goal to write for a huge name which eventually led him to being a full-time Content Writer for ZALORA. Born in Pulau Pinang, he learned to adapt himself in any given situation as he is the only child of a Malaysian father and an Indonesian mother.


While some might say being the only child means being spoiled, he proved them wrong when he dived into many other fields in the entertainment industry, mainly being the drummer of a local pop punk band. What started out as a hobby, drums have become a part of his life since the day he held a pair of drumsticks at the age of 14. Since then, he has been touring nationwide with his band, Night Skies & Visions, playing out his passion for music. But that doesn’t stop him from writing as he owns a blog dedicated to reviewing movies, which he is a major fan of. He can literally talk movies with you for hours and he still would have something to say.


As Dini finds his way through life in his late 20s, he is comfortable being where he is at now but continues to seek new experiences every chance he gets. Get in touch with him at to know more about this Malaysian-Indonesian hybrid.

Contributing Writer, Teefa Rosly


Teefa Rosly is a 30-something bubbly woman who treats life as a never-ending adventure. She is a wife, a mommy to two boys (her number of children will grow, she’d like to think) and works as a petroleum geologist at an oil & gas company.

When she’s not too busy juggling kids and work, she finds peace in reading and traveling. Her favorite genre is fiction, mainly thriller and chic lit. Non-fiction lulls her to sleep but she’s still working on that. Her favorite destination (so far) is New Zealand and she secretly dreams to live a simple life as a farmer.


Before deciding to settle down and grow a family, she was an adventurous and somewhat an outdoor person. Though she was born and raised in the city of Kuala Lumpur (living in New York City is deep in her bucket list, making her a city girl through and through), she loved living in nature-surrounded Kota Kinabalu. She climbed Mount Kinabalu TWICE, did bungee jumping in Krabi, explored caves and camped in remote areas in Sabah. She plans to pick up her outdoorsy lifestyle once the kids are a bit grown up. Or so she wishes. Wish her luck on that!

Teefa blogs at but as her family grows and work gets more demanding, she finds herself struggling to constantly blog so she microblogs on Instagram as @awesometeefa instead.  She wishes to contribute more to Zalora THREAD in subjects that are close to her heart – discussing beauty tips, sharing thoughts on fashion and finding out more about people and relationship.

Contributing Writer, Ateeqa Nasha


Ateeqa Nasha, a Negeri Sembilan-born, but self-proclaimed Kedahan whose heart forever resides in Jitra although formerly brought up in the UK, graduated in United States and now currently based in KL, Malaysia. She has produced creative work for startups and personal commission using her weapon of mass creation i.e. pen, pencil and brush infused with knowledge in Visual Communication and Communication Studies. Writing and design have always been part of her life since little as it runs in the blood.


Blogging at the age of 14, what started as a hormonal teenage expressionism eventually turned into a serious lucky space of which through it, she often times unintentionally received awards, acknowledgement and cheques for creative writing. Finally she was convinced and admits to her love for writing and would keep on doing that. Check out her blog and publications on THREAD Malaysia.

She finds that she's happiest when creating and feeling inspired so when she's not working, you can find her reading, crafting, socializing, doing sports and out in the nature. Her motto is, and will always be, "Work hard, make a mark, stay a humble heart."

Contributing Writer, Amer Ridzuan


Amer Ridzuan was born in 1998 and originated in Pahang but have lived most of his life in Kedah. Currently, he is studying in B.Sc. (Hons.) in Bioinformatics in Multimedia University, Melaka. He is a very outgoing and determined person. He believes that it won’t take a long time, one day he will make a name for himself.

His blog was named as AMERZING, the place where he pours all his thoughts on many things to give his readers inspiration, hope, and strength that they deserve, whilst being himself. This certainly makes him an approachable figure in the blogosphere even though he was just starting out in early November 2016.


If he’s not sharing something on his blog, you can find him being a dedicated student in Melaka, spending quality time with friends and trying new stuff. You can check out more on his Instagram: @ameridzuan .

In his belief, there is nothing impossible for him to try. Thus, he stands firm on his own, ready to face the obstacles and grab chances.

Contributing Writer, Zayana Yusof


"Ola amigos!

This is Zayana Yusof, the voice behind Motherhood Unplugged. She’s based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, a mother of three; two of her own, who loves penning down her motherhood musings. She started blogging in 2008, during her foundation years before she left for New Zealand. If you wish to read more about motherhood, hop on to her blog and together you will walk through the journey of becoming a better person.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting from New Zealand in 2012 and came home for good since then. She joined the industry for about a year before deciding to take a leap of faith in her career and pursued her studies in Masters and is now a full time PhD student. In other words, she is a doctoral researcher whose heart also lies in writing for THREAD.

She focuses on women empowerment especially from the perspective of us mothers who juggle between personal life and career. Each time she lays her fingers on the keyboard, she’d remind myself to utter her words directly from her heart straight to her readers’ hearts. To make this happen, she emphasises on the daily struggles that we go through especially the ones that happen outside of the perfect family portrait. You know, the puking, the staying up all night, the school, exams and homework, and the walls between you and your teenager son/daughter.


There are also ups and beautiful moments in being a mother, but guess we have heard it enough from social media and influencers. She chose the path less taken because she wants to help mothers and expectant mothers to know that they are not alone in this lifelong journey should they feel that motherhood begins to take its toll on their lives. She would want them to get a heads up of what’s coming to them once they pop their baby. Because life isn’t a bed of roses and the same goes for motherhood.

Why motherhood and not parenting?

Because we will be a better parent, and we will perform well in parenting if we get the hang of being a mother. That’s what she holds on to. She looks into the daily struggles of motherhood and composes her words to help others, and herself, to feel better about ourselves. With contentment and happiness from being a mother, it would at least help in the way you handle your kids. Because how do you parent if you’re not happy with being one?

And oh, she also likes to share her new journey as an author! In April 2017, with no experience of authoring, her first book was published. It’s an anecdote of a differently-abled businessman, ‘Khairul Nizam.. 3 Jari Daripada Tuhan’. This anecdote was brought to the stage in November 2017 by the students and lecturers of Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kerajaan (ASWARA) by the name of ‘3 Jari Daripada Tuhan’. And in November 2018, this anecdote was also selected by the National Library of Malaysia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) to be distributed to all rural libraries throughout the country. A good 508 copies to be exact!

Life isn’t always easy but somehow we’ll make it through. Zayana holds dear to a quote by Sharon Jaynes, “Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles”

Contributing Writer, Shereen Nasir


A teacher, mother of one and a wife. Her love for writing probably started when she had her first diary. Then she jumped on the bandwagon and started blogging – since 2009. Being a contributor for THREAD by ZALORA has so far been one of her best experiences and she is grateful for the opportunity. It’s been a wonderful year of writing and she doesn’t want to stop!


An avid reader, a wannabe author, an occasional baker with a sweet tooth and a love for music you don’t have to guess what she loves doing in her free time.  She just dipped her toes in creative writing and is currently trying to write a novel (fulfilling a lifelong dream). Lately she has been including some random short pieces in her blog so feel free to check her out at


She always tell her students that if you want to be a good writer you got to read a lot. So read everything - books or magazines and especially, THREAD by ZALORA. Because even if you don’t want to become a writer, you never know when our tips might come in handy or if you’ll just be entertained in the process ;)

Contributing Writer, Syadiya Khairul


Name given by a lovely father which is Syadiya Safiah Khairul Anuar or known as Syadiya Khairul. Some people think her name is weird but little did they know, she really loves the name. A 19 years old girl who currently lives at Perak and still studying at UiTM Tapah in Diploma in Accountancy. Syadiya grew up happily with her beautiful family who makes education as a priority because her parents are teachers. Back when she was in school, Mathematics is her favourite subject as her father is Mathematics teacher  and since that she always love numbers. All of her siblings name started with Sya and she really think it’s cool.


She started her blog when she was 12 by learning it with her friends and she still blogging until now because she thinks that through writing you can express anything that you may not express in actual life. Her friends know her as a talkative person and to be someone serious is totally not her. Sometimes extrovert and sometimes introvert depending on what situation she is in. She enjoys reading fixi novels on semester breaks and dreams to have a full rack of it.

She is motivated with the quote the world is the place to be tired and keep striving as we can rest well at hereafter .

Contributing Writer, Iqaa Lee


Iqaa Lee is a name given that has got nothing related to Chinese blood, but a mixture of Javanese. A Libra girl born in Kuala Lumpur who loves makeup, fashion & enjoys to EAT! A very ambitious petite girl that sometimes can be very determined. Besides being a writer, she is also a full time Engineering student in Networking System, a part time young entrepreneur and also a YouTuber who always shares her easy peasy makeup tutorial with her subscribers. "The best of the both worlds" from Hannah Montana has inspired her to be the girl who is brave enough to face challenges and work in different types of field at the same time. She can be an Engineer in the morning & a writer at night. Also, on her leisure time, she will start filming a makeup tutorial & doing marketing work for her small business. Sounds hard, but, hey, that's Iqaa Lee and she has been doing this for almost 2 years now since the end of 2016 (and more to come). At first it was hard, but she trusts in passion & hard work. At the end, it is all about the passion that you are into. Even though she knows that she can do everything on her own, but she still has her own priorities and need to focus only on one thing at a time.


Becoming a writer gives her space where she can express herself & passion to other people. Used to dream to be an Editor/Content Creator in a big fashion company at a young age. Can be both introverts & extroverts in a good way, bold and sometimes can be a little bit bossy (HAHAH this is part of being the eldest in the family). She loves to spread positive vibes & don’t believe in the term of “giving up”. The few things that she learnt from her dad were, never give up, always believe in God’ss will & ignore what other people are going to say about you because at the end, it’s all on our own self.

She always shares videos and pictures related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her Instagram (@iqaalee_) and she is also known as a Micro-blogger whereby she always does reviews for brands from local to international countries. Most of the review will be shared on her YouTube channel (Iqaa Lee) and her blog (

Feel free to get in touch with her by dropping by an email at (

p/s: Fun facts about Iqaa Lee, she loves K-pop songs & watched all Marvel movies.

Contributing Writer, Nora Liza


Nora Liza used to work for almost 5 years in corporate industries. She decided to take a time off and focus on exploring other ventures which includes raising a family.

Love everything and anything DIY,  her passion involves reading, outdoor activities and coffee.  Spending time with loved ones treasuring newfound places is her typical weekend activity.


What she writes is what she reads. It is definitely her when it comes to sharing things she finds useful to others. Her articles mainly navigate around beauty, lifestyle or other trivial things such as “how to fold your clothes”. She finds happiness is such simple things, if what she write can benefit one person from reading it that would mean a lot.

Contributing Writer, Wafiy Shuib


Abdul Wafiy, a simple guy with big dreams to achieve and 20 years old. Born in Kelantan and raised in Terengganu, Malaysia, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and now in his first year of his degree.  He also known as a someone who is positive about every aspect of life.


He personally likes trekking, travelling, listening to music and watching movies. For many years since 2010, he loves pushing out the tons of contents about his adventures in his blog - NOVELLA. Another major interest of him is reading whether it is magazine, novel or any books. He hopes he can be a good writer in the future. Feel free to hit him up on his Instagram, @wafiyms as well as his blog to exchange experiences or anything with him.

Contributing Writer, Aisya Ismail


Aisya Ismail, also known as Ai in the blog life is a lifestyle blogger who writes everything in her mind if possible to share. Love to share things through blogs over other social media, her ideas always comes when she is busy and lost when she is not but she always try to do the best for her readers.  

Chocolate and chicken lover. You will not know how much she loves them. A former student in Fashion Art and Design, she now works more on Graphic Design but still loves fashion design. A very shy but friendly person, know her first before making a judgment.


A Visual Merchandiser during the day and a blogger at night,  she also is dddicted to designing although not a professional designer yet. Love travel but rarely goes anywhere. Food lover but fussy in choosing food. She is petite but definitely a lovely and cheerful person.

Blog :

Facebook :

Instagram :

Twitter :

Contributing Writer, Faizah Azmi


Started writing when she felt she was the only one of Aliff Aziz's fans who doesn't have a blog and already hitting 10 years due to her passion for writing. Love to share her daily life stories, yummy food and sometimes she shares about her favourite things in life as well. Writing in a relaxed, unconditional state and last minute is her favourite, same goes to getting a sudden inspiration is also her favourite.


She describes herself as an ordinary girl who finds strength after a fall. Her easy-going sense of humour and approachability draws people into her world. Somewhat shy but she will not stop talking when she familiar with you, like popping popcorn on the pan! HAHAHA

It's quick to respond to emails or social media accounts, so do not be shy to follow her even if the account already set as "private"

Find her with her "merepek" style on

Contributing Writer, Cheng Sim


While trying to make fetch happen, Cheng Sim enjoys writing about dating, travelling and being a millennial. After spending most of her childhood climbing trees in Kota Kinabalu, she now lives in Subang Jaya where she’s immune to the heavy traffic and subpar bak kut teh. Rumour has it, she also owns a pair of seluar mambang.

In real life, Cheng Sim is living the dream as a writer. Ask her about her favourite career moments, and she'll say interviewing a street magician who showed up as an old lady. She even had to call him ‘grandma’. That was weird, Cyril.


When she's not chasing deadlines, she likes listening to music and steeping green teas. Cheng Sim has spent the last year queuing up for Garrett popcorn, having deep thoughts about Black Mirror and swiping right on dating apps. If she swiped left on you, find her at

Contributing Writer, Putri Mira


Her name is Myra (pronounced as Mai-ra) and was born in Selangor, November 1997. Besides writing, she also like to networking with people through online and offline. She started her lifestyle blog ( since 2010 but she never took it as a serious career until she graduated from Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Semporna Sabah in TESL. She found out that writing is a part of her, never looked back since.

Besides of lifestyle, she likes to support the blogger community and sometimes updating her own thoughts in her blog. She is an approachable figure and not afraid to bare it all with her readers. Determined to be a successful entrepreneur, she started her own food and beverage line named, Bananaise HQ. She is very passionate into it and tend to be different. She believed that being different is unique and expensive. She believe in that - being a woman, is worth everything.


Since she is a half-breed Malaysia – Indonesia, it explains why she can speaks in different languages very well. She also love to discover places, especially when it comes to food. She also love fashion and photography. That’s why she keep son updating her Instagram @myraaaaawr everyday. She likes to share with everyone about her daily life so she can spread her positivity to the world. She also believe with her life motto “Be A Girl with A Mind, Be A Woman with Attitude and Be A Lady with a Class.”

As for her, it is normal when someone said “I can't do it” but bare in mind that is just a word. When you said you can't do it, it is actually you can do it, you just misspelled it. As she likes networking with the society, feel free to connect with her for event posting or media invitation to

Contributing Writer, Sofie Adie


Her name is Sofie Adie. Since people always remember the person behind this name as a guy, funny thing is Sofie also can be a female name. Born in Miri, Sarawak and lives in West Malaysia for almost 14 years, this Geomatics student graduated from one of the public universities in Perlis and currently still learning to adapt the theories into real life.


On 14 April, 2014 she officially launched with the desire to create a personality with the ability to inspire people through writing. Half of her life experiences were nicely shared in the blog. The only one principle she believes in is  that starting to write in our heart’s that every day is the best day ever.

In order to be great at writing is to consistently read. Besides reading, she also spends a lot of time doing movies marathons, watching TV series and eating. Might include travelling in a future post.

Contributing Writer, Qbal Ramlan


Qbal Ramlan - found his passion on writing four years ago when he was 15 years old and he think with writing we can be what we want to be. He started blogging and found that blog is really an exciting world that he has never been before and he feels like he belongs. He grew up with his blog ( by writing his thoughts and also his stories from the first day he started blogging until now.   

Writing is just his passion but not his ambitions. If you asked him, ‘What he wanted to be?’... He would say, “An International Actor and Professional Model”.

Currently studying Diploma in Marketing Programme at Kolej Professional Mara, Perak.  He is a happy-go-lucky person and never is socially awkward in face-to-face communications. He stands on his one and only  “Ignorance Is The Best Policy”.


He is a book and movie lover. Addicted to horror and psychopaths movie genre and also Science fiction. If you want to know him a bit closer, you can follow his Instagram account @iqbaalramlan

He thinks that you should always, follow your passion. Trust yourself. Because when you trust yourself, everything is gonna be alright and please never stop believe in yourself. That is the main key to achieve your goals.

Contributing Writer, Zatil Aqmar


Nurzatil Aqmar blogs at who is an engineer by profession and a mother of two little boys by nature. When she is not in the office in black pants suit, you'd find her at home cradling her baby with her laptop or running around the house with a sweeper and trying to sort her scrapbooking stuff (a hobby she developed since uni). In between those, she blogs.

Started blogging back in foundation years, before flying off to Japan to pursue her degree. It was just a hobby back then because she needed an outlet to write and rant. Well, who knew..the hobby lasted this long!


She mostly blog about things she encounters in her life - the archives recorded her experience taking up Engineering Degree in a Japanese university, traveling throughout Japan, student's lifestyle being abroad and such. She started sharing her insights on fashion, too - it's hard not to do that when you're surrounded with fashion-forward Japanese classmates in uni. Fast forward, there were no longer ranting entries about college; but instead, she started blogging about my wedding preparation. Got married to her then boyfriend of 9 years! Blessed with a wonderful baby boy and another one, a few years after that – which explains the clueless parenting style entries (and the abundance of baby pictures)

She finds blogging awesome because she can write and share on things from her own view; which sometimes people wouldn't expect. It provides a platform for her to connect with others, too - She came to find that people tend to relate to you better when you express yourself on paper. And writing for ZALORA, one of the most prestigious e-commerce website? The best thing ever.

Contributing Writer, Amalina Farhan


In Japanese, there is a word that could describe Amalina Farhan; tsundoku – in other word, a book hoarder. She is an ordinary girl who could not bear the thought of sitting still and doing nothing. Stumbled upon a quote and since then held on to it “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”.


Had an idea to create a blog in 2008 during Chemistry class, and during one of the weekly outings, she went to her school’s cyber café and that was when a cringe-worthy blog was created. The blog lasted for many years (surprisingly) and she started writing again in 2015 at She also shares a glimpse of her life on Instagram @amalina.farhan  

Contributing Writer, Farrah Aida Fahmy


Farrah is a coffee-lover who thinks that her blood type is coffee, adores everything that is coffee related, enjoys paper-crafting (especially card-making and scrapbook) and consistently find an excuse to pamper her taste buds indulging scrumptious delicacies.

Writing and reading are among her favourite pastimes. Losing herself in good books and observing the world around her always inspired her to write. She started blogging somewhere in 2008/2009, intrigued by the idea of via blogging, that we get to share loads of interesting stuff with others.


From FAMF Tower is basically about what she cherishes. She write entries on crafts (the cards that she makes, tutorials and DIY), guitar chords of songs that she plays when she feels like enjoying a tune or two and simple recipes that she treasures. Kindly drop by at my tower or Instagram @faidamf and say hi.