Amazing Fashion Illustrations from Talented Illustrators Featuring ZALORAYA 2017 Collection

Hari Raya is just around the corner and for those who have not done their Raya shopping, do it quick! If you have no time, go shop online as they are amazing pieces available from various designers in Malaysia. Bet you will fall in love and feel overwhelmed for all the choices. As the hype for Raya is getting high, some talented fashion illustrators have also come out with their version of the ZALORAYA 2017 Collection designers. Check out their amazing sketches below and who knows you might still grab it at the last minute before the festive celebration!

1.    Indra Gandhi

The 25 year old, Indra Gandhi also shares his work featuring some amazing Raya collection from Malaysian designers. The Limkokwing University Graduate took Fashion Design & Retailing and found art as his pure passion. His interest in illustrating starting when he first started sketching out his mom’s makeup and he never stopped drawing ever since. Inspired with the idea of ‘Art of Fashion’, he dropped his career as a senior animator to purse his studies in fashion design. Here are some of his amazing works. You can also check out more wonderful sketches at his Instagram @indragandhi_

Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA

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2.    Ajlaa Mohammed

This lovely lady, Ajlaa Mohammed from Brunei has amazing sketching skills. We are just falling in love with all her sketches and some of them feature our ZALORAYA 2017 designers too. Working as a Fashion Illustrator and Designer, she also collaborates in an International Project with Royal Demure. Let’s check out her magnificent sketch of designs below. If you crave for more, visit her Instagram @ajlaamohammed.


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3. Eshin

The 26 year old, Eshin Chak puts a different twist in featuring our ZALORAYA 2017 baju raya collection. Apart from her career in graphic design, Eshin spends her time doing some simple illustrations herself. Drawing the stunning pieces from various designers of ZALORAYA 2017 onto Disney princess characters such as Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty), Pocahontas, Belle (Beauty and the Beast)  and Princess Jasmine (Alladin), it surely attracted our attention. Have a look at them down below. You can visit her Instagram @eshin0302 too.


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Rico Rinaldi for ZALORA

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Rico Rinaldi for ZALORA

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So who are other talented fashion illustrators that you love? Which piece of ZALORAYA 2017 Collection has gotten your attention? Feel free to share it down below.



7 Simple Tips to Have a Great and Meaningful Raya Celebration

In a few days, we will be celebrating Hari Raya. Aren’t you all excited? The joyous festival, colourful new Raya clothes, the mouth-watering food, meeting family and friends,.. Oh, I am really looking forward to it! Well, put all the excitements aside for a while. We should bear in mind that Syawal is not only a month of commemorating victory after performing your fast and other religious acts during Ramadan. It is also a month of sharing, asking and giving forgiveness as well as bonding time to strengthen your relationship with others. Wishing for a great and meaningful Raya? Here are some tips that could make your Raya celebration this year among the memorable ones.

1. Prepare Raya money packets for the older people too

If you are preparing money packets for the kids, please put aside some of those packets to be given to older people or relatives that you meet. It is not necessary to put a big amount of cash in the packet but just something that you can afford as a token of appreciation to them. Slip the money packet in their hands and get ready to receive the warmth of their smiles. You can also bring gifts when visiting friends and relatives. Just remember, the more you share with others, the happier you’ll be.


2. Get the best Raya outfits for you and your family

Have you prepared your Raya outfits? Regardless of your picks on the overall look (stunning, elegant or traditional), kindly make sure that you have the best comfortable clothing on. Either you are out visiting relatives one house after another or as a host entertaining guests the entire day, get the best matching Raya outfits (of course, including bags and shoes too.) for you and your family. Be pleasant and confident all day.


3. Plan your day

As this is a once in a year celebration, might as well you go all out, right? Sure you want to visit as many relatives and friends as possible. So, plan your day carefully - which area do you want to go first, whose house you should visit next. You have to take into account the traffic too as you don’t want to get stuck for hours in traffic jams. A well-planned day means you’ll be spending this jolly festival with more people.


4. Control your food intake

This is crucial. Avoid taking too much oily and spicy Raya food. I know that rendang, ketupat and satay are tempting but the last thing you want is having to pay several trips to the lavatory due to your upset stomach. There’s more to Syawal than trying various scrumptious cuisines. You should be enjoying your day with your family. So, eat moderately and don’t forget to hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of plain water.


5. Time to catch up

When you live far away from your relatives and only get to meet them once a year, for sure there’s a lot of catching up to be done.Get to know your relatives better - interact less with your phone and more with people. Chit chat, exchange notes and take a few good photos for memory sake. However, try not to come up with sensitive issues that might offend  others such as when do you want to get married, when are you all going to have a baby or why are you putting on weight? This is Raya, guys. You want to spread as much love and positive vibes as you could, not vice versa.


6. Forgive and forget

Ramadan and Syawal are the special months for asking and giving forgiveness. In the spirit of Syawal, ask forgiveness with your whole heart from those you hurt. Ready to sincerely give your forgiveness as well. Free your heart (and mind) from vengeance and hatred. Learn to let go. This is the best moment to start fresh. You’ll be amazed to find how relieved and serene you can be after that.


7. Don’t forget the needy and unfortunates

Pay a visit to an orphanage or the old folks home. Allocate some time to celebrate the festive day with them. Offer a kind word or a listening ear. Give honest compliments or do other random act of kindness. Show them that you care. Be the reason for them to believe they are not less fortunate just because they are lacking in something (parents, health or wealth). You can also bring some delicious Raya delicacies to be enjoyed together. Spending time with them will definitely make you feel grateful, help you to reflect on the meaning of true joy.


So, ready for a majestic lebaran celebration? Do try the tips above. If you have something else to be added, kindly share with me in the comment box below. Happy Eid! Have a wonderful celebration. Be fabulous, have fun and ready to create fond memories with your loved ones.

2017 Raya In Trend Outfit Guide

Zaloraya is bursting with smashing collections! You should now have an idea of what's hot and what's not, as we speak. Reviving elements of french baroque fashion and Malaysian 80's groove, we have the perfect baju raya 2017 wardrobe projection for you, this upcoming Raya!

1. Peplum and bell sleeves

Peplum and bell sleeve are the likely duo that keeps coming back. With a huff and puff here and there, pull off your Raya look with this chic and funky combo which flatters you all at the right place. With the right cut and luxe fabric, you can let your dress speak in volume of your high sense of fashion taste while still letting you own it. All hail and credits to you! Why reminisce at the classic memory when you can bring it to live?


2. Ruffle


One can never have enough ruffles on their dress. Whether it's the cuff, bodice, waist line or your entire tiered and draped skirt, ruffles will exude a feeling like you are being wrapped daintily in grace and femininity. Give your ruffles some TLC (tender love and care), you know you'll never go wrong with these. This fluff is necessary in order to stand out among the rest during this festive season.


3. Lace and embellishment

It's amazing how a piece of fabric can make you feel. Another one that is needless to say, enchanting and almost the all-time of women-favourites are lace embellishments. Aesthetically beautiful and historically sexy, they don't appear in lingeries nor wedding dresses only anymore, but also in shawls and baju raya!  Layer it with a matching linen and lush it with a hint of sparkly beadings for that exclusive look which will definitely make other people's jaw drop.


4. Pleats

Yes, pleat is back, living and kicking. So how do we get the preppy look of pleated skirt and turn it over into a red carpet worthy look? The traditional baju kurung fabric is usually sewn pleated on one side so as to not only give us ample space for walking but also an effortless hint of flair. With this smart style, the pleat trend today has gone all the way through to 360 degree on skirts and trousers to see the craze effect by fashion onlookers.


5. Applique

Appliques never die. Thanks to their hand made assortments and versatility, each of your outfit could be personalized  according to your preference as well as personality. A lot of fashion boutiques out there are experimenting with beads and sequins appliques to highlight and give interesting textures to dresses. They can be fun to play around with but definitely mezmerizes us as we observe closely into its intricacy and reflective colourfulness.

So what are other 2017 Raya trends you spot this year? Feel free to share them below.



10 Ways To Celebrate Ramadhan As A Happy Mom

Hey mothers, how’s your #ZALORAYA2017 going? Heard that they’re having huge deals and that’s totally awesome! You might want to check it out HERE and I’m sure you’ll look stunning on Eid. Anyway, we are in the last 10 days of Ramadhan now and Eid is coming really fast. This is when we seek for the most anticipated occasion that is Lailatul Qadr, the night that’s better than one thousand nights. While Lailatul Qadr is magnificent, it might seem unfeasible for some mothers whose routine is already taxing their spirit of Ramadhan.

So mothers, let’s redefine our own ways of celebrating Ramadhan bearing in mind that God has different set of rewards for us.   

1.       Be grateful with whatever meal that is ready on the table

2.       If you can't cook iftar for the day, that's okay because there's always a bazaar ramadhan nearby. 

3.       Buying meals from the bazaar doesn't make you any lesser. Because you choose to spare some time and energy for Qur'an recitation and terawikh later

4.       Be content if you only get to recite one page of the Qur'an per day because hey that's better than nothing, no?

5.       Same goes with performing terawikh at the mosque.  If praying at home only seems feasible, then go ahead! Because you know, it gives you peace of mind instead of worrying about your kids' safety

6.       Happy moms don't set their worth on the state of their house this Ramadhan

7.       And neither do they compare themselves with others on the social media, because self-content is what their focus is on

8.       Spending their time with the kids playing hide-and-seek is also a way to celebrate Ramadhan. Because praying and reciting Qur'an aren't the only ways of getting the blessings

9.       For us moms, blessings come in various ways from staying up all night taking care of our baby to waking up super early to prepare sahoor for everyone. While doing so, you can also recite the prayer for that's specially for the last 10 days of Ramadhan, 'O Lord, You are forgiving. You love forgiveness. So forgive me' 

10.   If you plan to make early food and freeze them for later meals, that's another brilliant way to celebrate Ramadhan. Because moms too deserve some room for themselves to spend it with God in these final days

We all need frequent reminders that every nice thing we do in the name of God will be rewarded apart from praying and reciting Qur’an. As mothers with kids and chores to handle, we have tremendous ways to honour this holy month and it’s just that ours is different from the rest of the Muslims.

Speaking of that, Would love to know your stories too! Drop your comments below and share with us how you glorify Ramadhan with your family.

Traditional Ways to Celebrate Hari Raya

Do you still remember during our childhood years that our parents brought us to the village to meet our grandparents and have the asking forgiveness session on the first day of Raya morning? Don’t you miss those precious moments in life? Well, either than kids collecting duit Raya, why not make other traditional ways of celebrating this coming festive season like the old days. Here are some of the traditional ways you might remember to enjoy this special celebration.  

1.     Go to those open houses

Everyone will be busy organizing open houses during Raya and we will feel a little overwhelmed with the invites. However, take the time and go to them with your friends or family. At this type of events, it allows you to catch up, share amazing stories and not to mention eat a variety of Malaysian delicacies.


2.     Bake cookies

Okay, we have to admit that buying Raya cookies is easier than actually making one nowadays. However, there is nothing wrong in taking that effort and time to bake some this year to reminiscence the childhood memories. Make this new memory with your siblings or kids and let the fun begin in the kitchen as you prepare for Eid Day.


3.     Family photo

This activity is the most compulsory thing in anyone’s Hari Raya agenda. A family photo compromising the grandparents, parents, kids and grandchildren wearing stylish baju raya 2017 designs is what makes the holiday exciting. We get to see different families donning a various theme colour or style.


4.     Delicious food

Gather with your loved ones around the table for Raya buffet style and enjoy eating that delicious food such as rendang, ketupat, nasi impit, kuah kacang and other delicacies. Forget your diet plan for the few days of Raya and indulge your cravings!

So what are your traditional ways of celebrating Raya? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.


Be Captivated with Rico Rinaldi's Summeraya Collection

Rico Rinaldi’s Summeraya Collection is offering the best designs of modern pieces for all the fashionistas out there. Bringing the styles of peplum, pleats and extravagant sleeves, any woman will fall in love at first sight with their latest Raya pieces for ZALORA.

With different textures, materials and prints, Rico Rinaldi for ZALORA collection is perfect for women to flaunt without ever looking out of style. Be the center of attention donning the incredible fashion pieces of your choice this coming festive season and feel confident as ever. Made to suit every individual’s style, accessorize your Rico Rinaldi modern kurung everywhere you go.



Explore the Magic of Rizalman 25 Years Silver Jubilee Collection

Rizalman is bringing you his best 25 Years Silver Jubilee Collection for this coming festive season. For the ladies who have been a fan of this fashion designer, his talent is surely exposed again and will captivate any woman’s attention. Designed with exclusive detailing, fabrics and concept,  you can never miss the chance to own the amazing pieces to flaunt for Eid Day.

Featuring 57 pieces of kebayas, kurungs, kaftans and jubahs, Rizalman for ZALORA collection are made to fit every individuals fashion taste. Feast your eyes on the bold colours and head turning prints of Rizalman’s latest Raya collection and style it with confidence anywhere you go. No one can resist the detailed embroideries and delicate embellishments every piece offers.


Interview with Fashion Designer, Syomir Izwa

Syomir Izwa is a very well-known designer and never fails to impress us with his unique yet stylish collections. This kind soul brings a twist of modern and classic touches into the elements of his designs. Here bringing you an exclusive interview with Syomir Izwa, we had the chance to catch up on his preparations for his Raya collection this year.

1.    How did you decided to start a career as a fashion designer?

I was introduced to this world as young as 11 years old. I started drawing from a young age copying cartoons and the ones I love are those Disney princesses. I have a fascination with them and drew what they wore. It gradually became a passion of mine to become a fashion designer.

2.    Where do you find inspirations?

As you can see my collection is synonym with something historical. I can get my inspiration anytime I want. It can happen with any time within the 24 hours. Normally what inspires me is what happens in my life in a six month period from the movies I watched, music I listen to or travel trips. Some of my collections are also inspired by strong personalities as well as friends. But mostly what comes to heart are derived from tradition, cultural references, architecture and heritage buildings.


3.    Do you have a favourite cut or style?

I would say I prefer a simple loving way of style that is straight forward and speaks clearly with colours. This allows a woman of 25 years old to a 65 year old trendy lady to manipulate classic lins with ease. Something that is timeless that is infused with modern and classic twist.


4.    What is the IN trend for this year?

Since this past four years, I realize that there is a trend for everybody and not just one top focus trend. It has changed and not as obvious as before. The fashion scene has been generous these past few years and provides everything for every personality.

5.    What is the concept behind this year’s collection?

For this year’s Raya collection, the concept behind it revolves around the long distance relationship we have with our loved ones. The long trips or voyage we go through to meet the ones we love.

6.    How do you start the design process for Raya this year?

Well, my family is a mixture of different states, countries and culture. The thought of travelling home to meet your loved ones relates very close to me. It is how I came about in beginning the design process and implement that nostalgic feel in the collection.


7.    Describe your collection in three words.

Real. Fun. Flirty.

8.    What are your styling tips for Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA 2017 Collection?

The collection caters to different types of personalities as it can easily be styled. It can be glammed up with accessories, or you can unbutton the sleeves, roll it up or wearing the top as it is without the bottom making it look like a dress while still maintaining a beautiful appearance.


9.    What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given to you to strive in the industry?

I received a lot of advices in my career and one of them I can remember is from the late, Sonny San. He told me to get to know other brands and distinguish my label from others. Have a strong identity and contribution to the industry so I could be different from my counterparts. Fashion is not an easy path but passion and patience is the key.


Which of the designs from Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA has caught your attention? If you are wondering where you can have a glimpse, simply visit ZALORA’s website now.

The Best Beauty Trends from ZALORAYA 2017

It has been two weeks since ZALORAYA 2017 extravagant fashion presentation and you have seen the stunning collection from various designers as well as brands. As much fun and excited as it is, let’s take a look at the beauty trends hitting the runway. Glammed up by ZALORAYA 2017 makeup sponsor Qristina Lim Academy and hair done by Miko Galère, these beauty trends will be perfect for this coming festive season.

1.    Sophisticated Sexy

Come on, who can ever resist a sexy makeup look. A smokey eye with some shading and dark pink pursed lips will definitely let you be the star of attention.


2.    Natural Beauty

That easy, effortless and hair slicked into a high bun is a natural look that everyone dreams of pulling off beautifully. This makeup look definitely enhances your natural beauty anywhere you go.


3.    Romantic  Allure

Revealing a more feminine elegant appearance, that pink blush and lip colour absolutely brings out a romantic aura. Wedging a cat eyeliner look, this look is one of the favourite beauty trend hitting the runway for this festive season.


4.    Bold and Brave

This makeup looks gives attention towards your eyes with the painted strong metallic shade. The eyes have that strong and unapologetic look which makes it daring and bold.


5. Sun Kissed Look

This model is looking sweet with that sun kissed makeup touch. The coral lip shade gives off a natural yet fresh hint to the entire face. Simple yet stunning is what it is.


6.    Funky Edgy

Getting a glimpse of that youthful energy, this colourful eyeshadow look definitely portrays an edgy funky side of you. It draws focus towards your eyes while giving you a strong sense of personality.


Which beauty trend from the runway caught your attention? Share them in the comment section below.


Interview with the Talented Fashion Designer, Tom Abang Saufi

This fashion designer never fails to bring us the latest yet classic styles in her fashion collection. Intertwining the use of traditional batik prints with modern concepts, Tom Abang Saufi sure knows how to make her pieces timeless. Let’s get up close and personal with this talented lady to get her insights on her new lebaran collection for ZALORA.

1.    Share with us how you got yourself involved in designing.

Designing if it means loving and coordinating clothes was in me as young as five or six years old .I picked my own styles, colors, shoe styles etc. I think this passion is the one I never grew out of and that I realize I must make it into a career.


2.    What is your favourite part of becoming a fashion designer?

Best part of being fashion designer is when an idea becomes a reality and it’s put on a model. And it actually works and the feedback when its good after a showing.


3.    Before you start designing a collection, how do you plan and make it into a reality?

I think of mood inspiration first, then designing it in my head at least 8 shapes that’s in synergy. The motives of fabrics, colors and then the fabrication.             


4.    When you are coming up with a collection, do you have go-to shades or materials?

Shadesbecause I design n use ‘batik’. The materials are mostly natural silks or cottons so it’s quite easy . Either ‘batik’ on crepe, the chine satin, chiffon or organza. The hard part is combining the colors together.

5.    What is the inspiration behind Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA Collection?

Inspiration for ZALORA was twisting the classic Tom Abang Saufi motives. I wanted to give the humble baju kedah a new chic feel by giving it a modern neckline and playing with ‘pesak’. To look in the 2017 trend by still maintaining a simple silouette.


6.    Describe your designs from Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA in three simple words.

Comfort, Chic and Elegant.

7.    Among all the pieces in this year’s Raya collection, pick one favourite creation of yours.

My favourite is the Sonya top in lime and turquoise. The modern baju kedah.


8.    If you can choose between kebaya and baju kurung, what would it be?

Kebaya. It’s got more room and fabric variety to design. Either the tight form or even looser depending on the fabrication whether it is soft or stiff. It can work both ways.

9.    In your opinion, what is most important in maintaining your success?

One must always be aware of global trends and development on popularity of designs and seasons relevancy. Everyday is a learning curve. Keep up with the trend.                       


10.    What is your advice to future designers?

Look for your inspiration and start your own trademark. That’s when it is easy to get ideas because you have the goal of pushing that inspiration into more interesting shapes and designs.


Have you checked out the pieces from Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA? Check them out at our website as the pre-order is now open. Share with us your favourite design from the collection in the comment section below.


Up Close & Personal With Lubna Designer, Nina Aziz

Founded in 2016, Lubna is definitely taking the fashion industry by storm as it never fails to impress us with the stunning pieces suitable for women of all age. Bringing the best modern yet modest apparels for women, Lubna is definitely a brand to be reckoned with. Here we are giving you an exclusive interview with the woman behind it all, Nina Aziz. Let’s go up close and personal with this lovely talented lady.

1.    How did you start to fall in love with fashion?

It all started with the Barbie doll. My parents gifted me with the iconic toy for my birthday and it all went from there. I created a small collection from plastics and unused fabrics and would beg my mom to buy new clothes and accessories so I could outfit each one. Not to mention, with my flare for fashion at the tender age of six, I would give my Barbies life altering make-overs by cutting their hair and using permanent markers to change their make-up and eye colour.

2.    When did you know you wanted to start designing?

I love to draw since I was in kindergarten, and discover that I like to sketch figures and clothes when I was in secondary school. It really started off when I was accepted to be in UiTM for a fashion design course and I learnt professionally.

3.    Do you have go-to shades or fabrics every time starting a collection?

I would always start with a color palette that will compliment all skin tones, such as pastels, warm and cool tones. Depending on the color trend for each season as well.

4.    What can fans find special about Lubna Raya’s collection?

The collection features an array of versatile kurung choices that can double up as separates for festive and daily dressy wear. These wardrobe sets are available in metallic plisse, a wide variety of pinks, peaches and pastels, monochrome floral lace and dark botanical prints. "I wanted to incorporate statement sleeves as a major trend across kurung sets and tops. These come in layered crepe, rouching, split puff-sleeves with a touch of sheen.

5.    Pick one favourite piece from the collection.

Pleated Puff Sleeve Kurung

6.    Describe your designs in the collection with three simple words.

Fun. Feminine.Effortless.

7.    What skills are important for a successful career in fashion?

-Highly Creative & Artistic

-Strong Drawing Skills

-Good Eye for Detail

-Understanding Texture, Color, and Fabric

-Strong Visualization Skills

-Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills

-A Good Sense for Business

-A Competitive Spirit.


8.    Let’s us have some fun. If you are stranded on an island, name three things you want to have.

Water filter, knife, tent

9.    Flats or High heels?

Heels :)

10.  Describe your personal style in general.

Minimal, practical, pastel colours!

11.  What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Eat all the desserts she wants without worrying too much.

12.  What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I can eat a lot.

13.  Before we sign this off, what is your advice for individuals who want to start a career in the fashion industry?

Do decide on which specific area of fashion that you would like to be in, the industry includes everything from photography, styling, merchandising, buying to designing. Know which area to focus on, and start from there. Gain as much experience as you can, no experience is a bad experience. Be persistence and have patience, it will take time to be where you want to be, take each experience as a stepping stone.


Have you seen the amazing Lubna Lebaran collection this year? If you haven’t, head onto our website to find out more about it and tell us your favourite design in the comment section below.

Be Lost in the Luxurious Yet Colourful Emel by Melinda Looi Raya Collection

Emel by Melinda Looi Raya Collection this year will definitely make you fall in love with it at first sight. The concept of this year's collection revolves around the colourful traditions giving vibrant colours and unique patterns of its baju kurung.

Inspired by the Malaysian tradition, the designer Melinda Looi creatively played with geometrical lines, florals and intricate beadings and lace embellishments. From nude colours to bright bold pieces, the modern kurung from the collection are versatile to be flaunted with confidence.

Reflecting the joyous celebration of Raya, Emel by Melinda Looi simplicity of each piece gives women the ability to mix match it with ease. Even the hijabistas can style their shawls to match and achieve that sophisticated stunning look.

Women can go for the simple traditional baju kurung or step it up with the modern peplum pieces for a more glamorous appearance. Simply accessorize it with jewellery to enhance the true beauty of the outfit. For the ladies who have fallen in love with the luxurious Emel by Melinda Looi 2017 Raya collection, you can now pre-order your favourite piece at ZALORA.



Interview with Fashion Designer, Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie is one of the well-known names in the fashion industry as he never fails to impress us with his designs. Recently, the iconic local fashion designer has come up with the latest ready-to-wear collection for Raya this year. With unique and modern twists in its designs, woman can feast their eyes on the spectacular Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA 2017 pieces. To celebrate his latest collection, let’s get close with the designer himself. 

1.      When did you start falling in love with fashion and decided to pursue a career in it?

At first, I was an architecture student. At that moment, I was exposed to ‘fashion people’ and it got me involved with the modeling industry. From there, I get to know the designers and the famous people in the fashion industry. Since then, my interest towards fashion grew and I realized that it was the path for me to pursue for my future, hence I decided to change my course to fashion design. When I finished my studies, I didn’t have any boutique yet, therefore I used the opportunity to use my Mother’s salon to promote the designs I made to her clients. After awhile, I managed to open my own first boutique at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

2.    What is the best thing about being a designer?

The best thing of being a designer is that I get to do the things I like the most, which is by creating, and inventing new things. Honestly, I get bored really easily, therefore by being a designer it motivates me to design new things for the community. Also it gives me the opportunity to show others the new things I have created.

3.    How do you bring your inspiration into reality?

I like to dream and I know women love dreaming too. Basically I enjoy turning people’s dreams into reality and therefore, that is how I get my inspirations from; by making dreams come true. I like to design new things that pop out in my mind anytime, anywhere and I will make sure it will happen.

4.    Who is your muse in fashion?

My muse is the Jovian Mandagie women. They are strong, aggressive, feminine and alluring. These are the characters I adore from these women as they inspire me more to design beautiful things.

5.    Raya is seen to be the busiest season ever in fashion, so what inspired you to come out with the collection this year?

This year I have came out with something really different and unique, which is a collection I made for ZALORA, named “Savannah”. The Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection was redeemed from the unique culture of Africa whereby I took its characters as my inspirations with its vibrant colours and tribal prints. I managed to turn it into perfect Lebaran outfits, which really embraces Africa’s beautiful character and persona.


6.    When did you start planning your collection for this year’s Raya?

I started planning the Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection since November 2016. I will always start by sketching my inspirations and followed by choosing the right colour palettes for the collection. From there, I will find the suitable fabric to make sure the dress that I have created turns out to be perfect as its final outcome with beautiful embellishments and beadings as to complete the whole look.

7.    What is your favourite piece or pieces in the collection?

My favourite pieces from the collection are definitely Zavannah & Zayra. The flower detailing embroidery and embellishments are strong which resembles the African inspiration deeply.

8.    What can fans look forward to in this latest collection?

They can definitely look forward to the bold and daring mood of the Savannah collection as they enter the safari mood and feel when they see and purchase the collection. It is different than any other collection I have ever designed.

9.    Tell us your style tips for Raya.

For Raya, before you choose an outfit, decide an outfit that is suitable with the occasion you go for. Make sure that the outfit you choose is suitable with the weather and the environment there. Never over-accessorize your outfit, because sometimes less is more. However, that is the best thing about the Savannah collection, it is actually very easy to wear as it is already bold and you don’t need any extra accessories to wear it together with the outfit, as it is already unique at its own with the embellishments and detailing on every design created.

10.  Can you describe your own personal style to flaunt for Raya this year?

My style for this Raya is more on subtle look with minimal design but still carries the masculine and sleek character that I am.

11.  What drives you to keep pursuing in the fashion industry?

The support of my Jovianistas, family and friends. They excite me and they keep my spirit on board with every new thing I bring towards the brand. Without them, I would never be the person I am today.


Have you seen the Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection? Share with us your best pick in the comment section below.


Models Off Duty Looks at ZALORAYA 2017

With all the models coming together to give their best to flaunt designer’s Lebaran collection for the ZALORAYA2017 event, what the girls are wearing prior to the event is as important to what they are showing off on the runway. The off duty look of models is what we dream of having as they always seem so beautifully put together even in the simplest way possible. So let’s us take a look at what these stunning models personal clothing styles are and see how flawless they are in their casual wears.

1.       Maccy Lee

With a simple oversized tee, denim shorts and bun hairdo, Maccy looks cute while listening to music on her phone. She definitely knows how to work the casual Sunday look with our hot sunny weather.


2.       Deedee Nash

If you are into a more rugged edgy look, this model definitely knows how to portray that. Slaying a black printed tee with ripped black skinny jeans and matching boots, it gives off that boyish yet trendy appeal.


3.       Rubini Sambanthan

Rubini’s personal off duty is more to a nerdy look by wearing round spectacles and dress shoes. Matching her simple V neck tee with denim jeans and red lipstick helps put a boost of sexiness into her overall appearance.


4.       Rita Nadira

The beautiful Rita Nadira flaunts off a more laid back outfit by wearing a printed jumper. The loose jumper gives a comfortable feel to it but Rita absolutely knows how to maintain that cool trendy style.


5.       Tuti

You will be impressed with how Tuti, one of the known contestants of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4, shows off her personal fashion look on the day of the event. Donning a colourful printed loose shirt, denim shorts and sneakers reveals that powerful yet fun quirky look. She definitely dares to be different and owns her look with confidence.


6.       Masy

Working the sexy secretary look, Masy rocks the round glasses and lace tank top look with style. Her high cheekbones, pouty lips and long neck feature gives that natural beauty hint even in a very simple outfit.


7.        Laura

Laura pulls her own look by tying her hair back into a ponytail with a white ribbon which brings out a sweet innocent vibe. However, she also adds some toughness to her look by rocking a sleek black leather jacket.


Which off duty look that inspires you? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Top 10 #ZALORAYA2017 Best Dressed

The ZALORAYA 2017 event has not died down yet because here we are bringing you the best dress look of the attendees who came to support the fashion show presentation. From local celebs, social influencers to guests, we have spotted these stylish individuals who have flaunted their OOTD with confidence and grace. Let’s take a look at them down below.

1.     Rozita Che Wan

Who doesn’t recognize this lovely lady. Rozita Che Wan is a popular celebrity which is know for her gorgeous outfits anywehre she goes. This celeb has never failed to impress us with her exquisite style. Stepping into Glam Hall, Mercu Mustapha Kamal, Rozita Che Wan stuns us with her long ruffle pants paired with aleather jacket layered over a leopard print blouse. Matching her outfit she flaunts a cute brown clutch and a simple black hijab.


2.       Fadzlun Abas

Fadzlun Abas is a stunning model which amazes us with her pretty yellow gown. Standing tall and confident, Fadzlun perfectly puts our attention to her ensemble by keeping her hair in a bun and wearing simple jewellery. She definitely appeared like royalty that night.


3. Rayne Reed

This stylish lady named Rayne Reed is ZALORA’s Head of Private Label struts like a star wearing one of the beautiful pieces from Zalia. The long blue flowery lace dress definitely complements her tall figure.


4. Samantha Katie James, the Miss Universe Malaysia 2017

Donning the pure white pleated puff sleeve kurung from Lubna, she absolutely dazzles everyone at the scene. Accesorizing her look with a sparkly headband and stunning makeup, our Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 definitely earns her spot in this list.


5. Izwani Merican

Izwani Merican also impresses us with her style at the event by wearing one of KREE for ZALORA modern muslimah wear. Matching the pastel tone outfit with the same coloured hijab, she definitely flaunts it effortlessly and beautifully.


6. Emma Shazleen

One of the top social influencers Emma Shazleen mezmerized us by donning the latest piece from Zalia’s Lebaran collection. The beautiful Zalia lace embroidered lace mermaid cut dress fits perfectly well on Emma and she carries it with elegance throughout the event.


7.Sazzy Falak

Sazzy Falak who came for the night fashion show also knows how to look her best wearing a grey maxi dress complete with a choker. Matching her outfit with a red shoulder bag to add a pop of colour definitely blends in well with her new hairdo.


8. Saarah Jasmine, Kiriat Argenio & Ira Roslan

These beautiful ladies outfits exude the true meaning of feminine flare. Saarah and Ira wearing the stylish puff sleeve kurung from Lubna while Kiriat looks amazing in Zalia’S royal blue lace mermaid cut dress. You can never get your eyes off of them.


9. Zara Taha

For the hijabistas out there, you will definitely love how Zara Taha styled her hijab look. Wearing Ilham Echenta for ZALORA hijba in a turban style, she sure knows how to look modest while still having a modern hint to her entire look that night.


10. Cik Manggis, Azira Shafinaz, and Sophia Liana of DeFam, wearing Petra

These three lovely talented ladies from DeFam are looking gorgeous wearing the latest collection from Petra. The clean peplum cut kurung with printed florals brings out the sophisticated aura and gives these ladies that head turning attention.


Whose look do you like the best? Feel free to give us your vote in the comment section below. Not only that, you can go grab these stunning outfits by going to ZALORA’s website now.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes of ZALORAYA 2017 Fashion Show

Fashion shows are always exciting when people come together to have a preview of the latest collection by designers especially for Raya. Last Thursday ZALORA had organized its annual ZALORAYA Presentation from various designers such as Syomir Izwa Gupta, Tom Abang Saufi, Petra, LyndaRahim, Naelofar for ZALORA, Lubna, Zalia, Minaz for ZALORA, Kree, Echenta, Mermaid Luxe, Kami Idea for ZALORA, Calacara, Mumu, FZK for ZALORA and Pikat KL. The one day event was attended by many local celebrities including Rozita Che Wan, Tasha Shilla, Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Nelydia Senrose and Nadia Brian. The show was a success but have you ever wondered what makes the show incredible as it is.

You all have experience the hype of the fashion show Raya presentation with us in our previous post and now we are bringing you the exclusive bits of behind-the-scenes images. Experience the environment and rush feel as if you are right there enjoying the show. If you are wondering what happens backstage during a fashion show event, check the exclusive shoots down below.

Syomir Izwa with his models backstage

Syomir Izwa with his models backstage

Model getting hair done by sponsor Miko Galerie

Model getting hair done by sponsor Miko Galerie

A model getting her makeup done by sponsor Qristina Lim Academy

A model getting her makeup done by sponsor Qristina Lim Academy

Nina Aziz, Lubna designer, with her beautiful models

Nina Aziz, Lubna designer, with her beautiful models

Mermaid Luxe designers with their models backstage

Mermaid Luxe designers with their models backstage

Hijab styling models backstage

Hijab styling models backstage

designer clothes ready for model fitting
Models posing with their designer clothes

Models posing with their designer clothes

backstage selfies

backstage selfies

We hope you enjoyed the BTS images from ZALORAYA 2017 Fashion Show. Til next year!

If you missed the collection, no worries as you can have a view of it down below and check them on ZALORA's website.

ZALORAYA 2017 Fashion Show

More than 1000 guests were treated to a spectacular runway presentation of this year’s Raya trends. Hosted by ZALORA, one of Asia’s leading online fashion destination, the ZALORAYA 2017 fashion show was held at Glam Hall, Mercu Mustapha Kamal.

Dolled up by our makeup sponsor Qristina Lim Academy and hair done by Miko Galère, models were strutting with confidence donning designs by various designers and brands from Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA, Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA, Petra, LYNDARAHIM for ZALORA, Naelofar for ZALORA, Lubna, Zalia, MINAZ for ZALORA, KREE for ZALORA, Ilham Echenta for ZALORA, Mermaid Luxe, Kami Idea for ZALORA, Calacara for ZALORA, Mumu for ZALORA, FZK for ZALORA and Pikat KL.

The presentation began at 11am with shows from KREE for ZALORA + Ilham Echenta for ZALORA, Pikat KL, Calacara & Mumu for ZALORA, Mermaid Luxe and Kami Idea for ZALORA giving us the splendid designs of muslimah wear this year. Among the faces that were spotted during the event were Rozita Che Wan, Liyana Jasmay, and Betty Rahmad.

Picking up the afternoon slot, the Raya collections from MINAZ for ZALORA, FZK for ZALORA, LYNDARAHIM for ZALORA and Lubna had captured the hearts of the attendees. The pieces in each collection were unique in its own ways combining modern and traditional elements. Presenting us with pastel tones, embellished pieces and printed patterns, the styles definitely has the modern concept perfect to don for Eid Day.

Following the two shows, the night show started to commence at 8pm featuring exquisite designs from ZALORA’s private label, Zalia, Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA, Petra and Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA. Each designer has distinctive styles for their Lebaran collection and definitely brings us close to the meaning behind it. Syomir Izwa played with accessories such as sunglasses, headbands and suitcases to portray that vintage feel into its collection. Meanwhile, Petra designs were full of bright colours with modern cuts. Going into Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA pieces, you can absolutely fall in love with the stripe patterns twisted together with bold colours and flowy cuts.

Seating in front row seats supporting the designers yesterday’s night show were the local celebrities and social influencers such as Zaihani, Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Tasha Shilla, Nelydia Senrose, DeFam, Emma Shazleen and Samantha Katie James, the Miss Universe Malaysia 2017.

Suzy Latif & Zaihani

Suzy Latif & Zaihani

Marisa Soraya, Tunku Nadia Naquiyuddin, Tasha Shilla

Marisa Soraya, Tunku Nadia Naquiyuddin, Tasha Shilla

Azira Shafinaz

Azira Shafinaz

Emma Shazleen, Ung Yiu Lin, Amee Halim-Iliya

Emma Shazleen, Ung Yiu Lin, Amee Halim-Iliya

The ZALORA RAYA 2017 show was a total success presenting the latest Raya collection from well-known local designers. The collections will gradually go live on ZALORA’s website.

Kendrick Wong, Rebecca Yap, Giulio Xiloyannis

Kendrick Wong, Rebecca Yap, Giulio Xiloyannis

Nina Aziz, Amira, Rayne Reed, Shasha Ahmad

Nina Aziz, Amira, Rayne Reed, Shasha Ahmad

Shareeta Selvaraj, Samantha Katie James, Shasha Ahmad, Christopher Daguimol

Shareeta Selvaraj, Samantha Katie James, Shasha Ahmad, Christopher Daguimol

Hafiz Rahman, Renizar, Aini Shah, Yasmin Fakri, Khatijah Halil

Hafiz Rahman, Renizar, Aini Shah, Yasmin Fakri, Khatijah Halil

Medina Azaldin, Joan Kong, Vee, Fiezreen Ahmad, Julia Azman

Medina Azaldin, Joan Kong, Vee, Fiezreen Ahmad, Julia Azman

Vee, Zaihani Mohd Zain, Rico Rinaldi

Vee, Zaihani Mohd Zain, Rico Rinaldi

Ariffin Azmi, Renizar, Zac Azman

Ariffin Azmi, Renizar, Zac Azman

Shareeta Selvaraj, Giulio Xiloyannis, Nadia Tan, Kiriat Argenio

Shareeta Selvaraj, Giulio Xiloyannis, Nadia Tan, Kiriat Argenio

Check out our website to not miss the chance of grabbing the stunning pieces from the amazing designers for ZALORA this year.


Discover The Remarkable Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA Collection This Festive Season

Be lost in the exclusive Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA Collection and fall in love with the remarkable pieces. Featuring 14 dynamic styles ranging from flowy kaftan pieces to kimono sleeve wrap tops, you can have that VIP preview and select the one you adore. Designed with a fuse of ethnic motifs in bold colour combination, Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA will fit every individual style.

The exclusive Ramadhan collection will make any women fall in love with it as it definitely brings out your sophistication and elegance. The muslimah wear gives an easy breezy effect which allows you to move around comfortably while still looking fashionable from head-to-toe. Be creative and accessorize the piece of your choice with statement necklaces or earrings for a glamourous touch.

The relaxed fit of Tom Abang Saufi ensembles are perfect for the ladies who are looking for that comfortable feel. So if you have fallen in love with this ethnic patterned collection, do not miss the chance of donning it this coming Raya by ordering your pre-order now right here at ZALORA.


Experience KREE for ZALORA Beautiful Kampung Inspired Collection

Inspired by the peaceful kampong vibe, KREE for ZALORA Collection is perfect for any woman out there. Designed with the simple touch of traditional elements combined with modern twist, the ‘Kampung is Where Our Heart is’ Collection features that easy practical look suitable for our climate. From the simple kurung cut, peplum flares to the breezy maxi dress, KREE for ZALORA will definitely bring out your natural beauty.

The KREE for ZALORA Collection will absolutely make any women fall in love with it at first sight. Simple yet stylish is what we call it. Stick to your roots of basic pattern while still maintaining that feminine elegance everywhere you go. Flaunt the pieces from the collection which you adore and feel that sudden boost of confidence. Made to fit every individual style, simply pull together the best look you can with KREE for ZALORA muslimah wear.

With each piece, you can feel the serenity and peace of that Kampung environment. Hijabistas can also pull together an innocent modest appearance donning KREE for ZALORA muslimah clothing this coming festive season. Feast your eyes on the vibrant prints and delicate lace overlay which the collection has to offer. The pieces from the collection definitely give you the comfort to move around freely with style.

With each piece, you can feel the serenity and peace of that Kampung environment. Hijabistas can also pull together an innocent modest appearance donning KREE for ZALORA muslimah clothing this coming festive season. Feast your eyes on the vibrant prints and delicate lace overlay which the collection has to offer. The pieces from the collection definitely give you the comfort to move around freely with style.

With the airy cuts and breathable fits, reveal your innocence while looking fly effortlessly in these classic pieces. Step out with confidence showing off the wonderful muslimah clothing from KREE for ZALORA and be the center of attention.  

Discover The Exotic ‘Savannah by Jovian Mandagie’ Collection

For this festive season, the designer Jovian Mandagies has come up with his latest collection inspired by the elements of African culture and subtle hints of earthy tones. Featuring Savannah by Jovian Mandagie, the pieces in the collection definitely blends the unique bold hues and distinctive patterns for that unconventional look. From the traditional baju kurung, peplum tops to the modern pieces of cape dresses and drape designed shoulders, every piece are embellished with beautiful beadings.

Carrying 40 looks for the urban women this coming Lebaran, you can expect the collection full of various combined fabrics such as heavy satin, cotton, lace, crepe and organza. Any women will simply adore and be mesmerized with the amazing pieces from Savannah by Jovian Mandagie collection. This year’s collection definitely exudes a touch of sophistication and empowerment for the ladies to show off with confidence. Made to fit every individual style out there, this cultural inspired collection can help bring out a different side of you to others effortlessly.

The Savannah by Jovian Mandagie collection has that cultural twist that experiments two different traditions between the African and muslimah elements. The line completely gives off an exotic statement for ladies to flaunt with style for Lebaran. Every woman will feel exclusively beautiful and bold wearing Jovian’s latest Lebaran fashion collection. Simply pull together the pieces from the collection which represents your personality and accessorize it with class. Experience the gorgeous fashion pieces from the collection and never look out of style.