Close-Up Interview with ZALORA’s Scratch & Win Grand Prize Winner

As you all know, ZALORA just completed the fascinating 12.12 Online Fever sales event with amazing discount deals from various brands. We hope you got a chance to splurge some new items to spice up your New Year wardrobe.

Not only that, we also organized a Scratch & Win game online for our dear customers to enjoy while shopping. And we bet you all want to know who actually won the ultimate GRAND PRIZE! Well, drum roll please~

Say CONGRATULATIONS to Ishnee Mohan for winning the RM3000 shopping spree! Let’s get up close and personal with our lucky winner!

1. How did you come about the ‘SCRATCH & WIN’Competition and what led you to participate in the fun?

On Zalora itself, I have been following Zaloras social platforms since day one. And obviously I was targeted in the FB ads for Zalora scratch and win. Heh

2. What was your reaction when you found out that you were the winner?

This is a true story. I was on 3 back-to-back meetings. I got home and continued with work so I turned on the computer and thought ‘okay lets check my personal email’. I saw RM3000 as a headline, initially I thought it was spam mail. Then I saw ZALORA, then I saw congratulations. Still didn’t hit me yet til I open the mail and saw GRAND PRIZE. My heart literally froze. My mum and sister asked me what’s my issue. I got a little teary and felt like I had a minor heart attack. I even told my mum to bring me to the hospital cause I felt like I had a heart attack and couldn’t breathe.

3. Did you ever expected to be one of those lucky few?

No definitely not. ZALORA is huge, I’m sure the traffic for this scratch and win was insane! This is really a blessing!

4. How do you plan to spend your RM3000 shopping spree prize?

The moment I got the email and the minor heart attack, I immediately added all my wishlist into the cart because now I can! Hahaha. Also, I told my family to pick anything they want worth RM200 each person.

5. What are your favourite fashion brands in ZALORA?

I truly love ZALORA’s label. And I’m not saying this because I have won. If you see my transaction its mainly ZALORA’s label. If it’s not ZALORA , it’s Something Borrowed.

6. How would you describe your personal sense of style?

People call me the life of black and white. My wardrobe is properly arranged with blacks and white accordingly. My sense of style is really street chic. I’m not a very girly girl. I go to weddings with bug flowy dresses and sneakers.

7. If you were given a choice to choose one fashion piece from tops, dresses, jeans, shoes, bags or jewellery, which will be the one you cannot live without?

Shoes! I collect sneakers!

8. What item in your closet do you wear the most?

It’s hard to tell, because I have this problem where I don’t repeat my clothes at least 3 months. (I have a problem, really)

9. Do you have a fashion idol that you look up to or get inspirations from? Who?

Yes! Two mains! Sara Donaldson and Jeanne Grey.

10. What is the worst fashion mistake you have ever made?

Honestly, I feel like fashion can never go wrong. It’s very subjective. I feel like there’s no worst mistake maybe not yet? Hehe.