Coffee Combos You Should Try At Home

Put some life back into your coffee by trying out new and exciting ways to incorporate different ingredients into it. You might find these in cafe’s while you’re out donning your best casual outfit or have already tried them there but if you can do it yourself at home, why not give it a shot (of Espresso) or two? Not everyone has a cool coffee making gadget at home and that’s okay because as long as you have the basics, your coffee adventure can take a new turn.

1. The Sour Twist

A cooler version of the lemonade, this one’s perfect for the summer. You’ll need a cold brew for this one or any other black coffee will do fine if you have limited choices. A cold brew can be made just as easily at home. Take out the coffee ground of your choice, add water and leave it over an extended period of time to “brew”. Start up a fresh batch of lemonade or limeade while you’re at it too. When you need that zesty cold cuppa, mix them both together. Drizzle some syrup if you can’t handle the bitterness.

2. The Coke-a-Coffee

One shot of espresso and coke. Simple as that and you get a fizzy drink but with your most loved coffee shot in it. It’s quite a thrill to have coke and coffee because you get the sugar rush and caffeine boost all in one. Not forgetting, it’s easy to make at home too. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a shot of espresso but you get the gist. Black coffee will do just great too. Experiment with other fizzy drinks or perhaps add root beer and a scoop of ice cream for a delish coffee float.

3. The Health Nut

So you’re one of those fruit smoothie type of people who can’t seem to choose between coffee or a smoothie for breakfast. How about both? Whip up your usual smoothie in the morning and add in a coffee shot. Toss in chia seeds and few other healthy nuts into it for added texture for your tastebuds. You might not want to have this every day in the morning but for those days where a smoothie just doesn’t cut it, you’ll have this recipe ready for that wake up call.

So what are the craziest and best coffee combos you’ve tried before? Leave a comment down below.