Discovering Movember

Ready to move into a month dedicated to awareness and men? If you don’t already know, November is the month well known for Movember. What exactly is Movember you ask. Well let’s read on for a really quick intro and some insights into what there’s to expect. You’ll know for sure that there’s going to be a need for mens grooming products so ladies, get your man to pay attention too and maybe he’ll learn a thing or two.

Movember is a movement much like what “pink ribbon month” is for the women in regards to spreading awareness about breast cancer. Movember on the other hand, is the combination of the words moustache and November, where men grow moustaches in support and aid of spreading men related cancer awareness particularly prostate and testicular cancer. It is an awareness campaign that has caught on a global scale. Also, just like breast cancer awareness month, both men and women join in the movement. No ladies, you don’t have to grow a moustache. Just by spreading awareness is good enough. So start sharing related articles and get the men in your life to get involved.

To the men out there who are joining the campaign, there are things to know about Movember before jumping in. You’ll need to start off with a clean slate. Yes, a baby smooth clean shaven designated area for your new moustache to grow on. So be sure to use the right products for the sharpest and cleanest shave. Remember to also apply post-shave products like oils, balms and so forth. No one likes a post-shave burn or ingrown hair stubble.

Beards count too…right? Sorry guys, no beards. Only moustaches. The main attraction of Movember is after all — the moustache. You can always do your research and find the most flattering type of moustache for your face type or go with nature and let your hair growth take it’s natural course when it’s in the growing stages. If you’re worried about how messy you’ll look, take note of post-growth grooming essentials. Much like a woman’s beauty regime, this is what it’s like for men. Don’t worry, moustache maintenance is pretty easy. Trim, comb and wax. That’s all there is to it!

Know anyone who’s joining the Movember movement? Got any tips to share? Let us know and comment down below.