Red lipstick has been a very popular choice among women and is a must-have lipstick colour to add into your makeup box at home. However, it cannot be denied that some women may avoid wearing red lipstick as they are afraid it will ruin their whole make up look. Fret no more as these do’s and don’ts will get you covered. As red lipstick gives you that bold appeal, it is crucial for women to know the few tips on how to pull it off looking beautiful as ever.

First and foremost, you need to discover the correct shade of red lipstick to match your skin tone. There are many colours of red suited for various skin types and you need to find the one which brings out your features. This may take some of your time to trial and error the right tone of red lipstick which fits you best but trust me, it is definitely worth it. People often say that fair skin should lean for the true red, medium tone should go for a pinkish orangey like tone while dark skin tone women should choose wine coloured red which are a bit darker.

Besides that, another tip is to always make you sure have bright white teeth as the red lipstick definitely enhances the lip feature on your face. Your lips will be the first thing a person spots when you are enter the room and having not so white teeth will ruin the beauty of your make up look. Wear it right and keep your teeth clean white!

Women should always be aware of the outfit they have on when applying a red lipstick colour. Stay away from anything pink as the colour red and pink doesn’t match up nicely together. Red is brilliant strong bold colour so you should go for solid black, white or grey clothes.

Do you have any more suggestions on the do’s and don’ts of wearing red lipstick? Feel free to drop us a comment below and share us your ideas.

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