Fashion Bestsellers This Season — Men’s Edition

From basics that never go out of style to statement accents, this quarter the best seller’s list begins with essentials that you can wear for casual lazy days to changing things up for an important date night out. To most men out there, anything that’s easy and comfortable to wear is a definite winner. Now let’s have a look at what’s been shaking up the men’s wardrobe this season.

1. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Nothing beats a basic t-shirt and with that, it hits the list at number one. Minimal and completely versatile, two important factors for every Malaysian because who likes thick and warm clothes in the hot humid weather? Considered the basic essential for every men’s wardrobe, you should definitely already own this without even looking at the rankings.

2. Basic Crew Neck Tee

Not to be confused with your usual basic t-shirt, the crew neck simply means a tighter neckline which is made to accentuate the results of a rigorous workout — those fit upper body muscles. Great for men on the slightly smaller frame, the crew neck allows you to cheat your way to a well built and balanced overall style composition.

3. Business & Dress Shoes

Yes well, everyone wants to look dapper and with a pair of these classy shoes you’re already on your way to the sleek suave vibe. You can head out to work just like on any other day and still fit in a last minute date night into your schedule without having to change your shoes when you’ve got a pair of these on your feet. Functional and stylish is the way to go.

4. Basic Slim Fit Chinos Pants

Goodbye skinny jeans (or maybe just hit the snooze button on those). Say hello to what’s taking over in the world of men’s bottoms. Slim fit chinos are the all new basic must have trousers in every men’s wardrobe. They definitely look more polished than the usual skinny jeans and you’ll get to wear these just about anywhere, anytime.

5. Faux Embossed Leather Espadrilles

Taking weekend chill to the next level, leather espadrilles are a unique well played version of the usual canvas espadrilles. It gives you that style elevation you’ve always been looking for. Pair these with the slim fit chinos and you’ve got your outfit all ready to go in no time. Add on graphic socks and roll up your trousers to show them off for a street style edge.

So guys are you loving this quarters bestsellers? What’s your own personal must own item? Leave us a thought down below.