Fashion Bestsellers This Season— Women’s Edition

What’s been ranking in this quarter? If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, this is it! Fresh and versatile basic essential pieces top off the list for Malaysian women where depending on the turbulent weather, fashion has to be comfortable and completely versatile. So let’s have a look at what’s been topping the charts.

1. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

No kidding. Everyone’s top pick is the essential short sleeve tee which is great to be worn in any weather. It can be dressed up, down or even layered and a brand logo just makes it so much more exclusive. What’s great about a basic shirt is that you have so much more room to style yourself — be it hair, makeup or accessorising and with it, your persona comes to life.

2. Muslimah Blouse

Muslimah fashion is reaching to new heights globally so there’s no question that the Muslimah blouse is making a great hit here in Malaysia. With manufacturers catering to Muslimah fashion, the clothing pieces are often made of high quality breathable fabrics which makes fashion highly accessible for the urban chic Muslim woman.

3. Wrap Pencil Skirt

Your choice of a not-so-basic basic skirt is this variation that makes any other pencil skirt fall to the bottom of the list. The wrap pencil skirt is a great piece to wear when you’re out and about and with a slight change of colour or print, it could even be worn to the office. Give up the usual pencil skirt for this edgy piece instead and walk the walk.

4. Gizeh Sandals

They’re still here. Definitely making the list are these essential sandals for everyday wear. If there’s one thing for you to know about these sandals, it’s how you care for them. Without proper care, your sandals might hit the trash sooner than you think. Remember to clean and hang them out to dry properly.

5. Lace Up Sneakers

Last but not least, everyone’s must have lace up sneakers! Minimal chic is what it’s all about now and this essential footwear makes a great addition to any wardrobe. From athleisure to street style, the trends are endless and it’s a complete no brainer that these lace up sneakers are a bestselling piece to own.

Have you gotten your hands on these great pieces yet? Time to grab them now! If you’ve got your own personal bestseller in mind, leave it in a comment down below.