People often think that a career in fashion has something to do with modelling and runways but there are much more you need to know. There are plenty of careers in fashion for fashion enthusiast to explore in the working world. You do not necessarily have to be a model to be experience the fun world of fashion. Women who live for fashion and want to share their creativity around should definitely consider these four fashion careers.

1. Fashion Designer

If you love fashion, why not create your own designs of clothes for others to wear. You can be creative and produce a stunning fashion line for customers to enjoy. You can also use the skills you learned to create your own fashion label by starting small and working in the big league as time progresses.

2. Fashion Editor

To become a fashion editor, you must start down as a writer who needs to do research on the trends, fashion news and more. Whether you are working for magazine or an online portal, it is a great way for you to improve yourself in becoming the best fashion editor.

3. Fashion Blogger

If you can find a place to write about fashion, have no worries as you can start your own fashion blog. Share with your readers on what you know about fashion, your interest, trends and news in your blog. This in time will lead you being invited to cover for fashion events and runway shows.

4. Fashion Marketing

This is a great field for fashion enthusiasts to be involved in as you can learn to advertise fashion in the most creative ways. You will be surprised on how much it will bring you as well as keeps you informed on the latest trends.

Do you have any other career ideas related to fashion? Do share them with us in the comment section below.

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