Fit for Fashion Returns!

Asia’s first-of-its-kind reality show — Fit For Fashion is back! Returning to our screens on StarWorld January 7th at 8pm, we follow these 14 gung-ho contestants from all walks of life. Throughout the 10 weeks of total transformation, they will be facing new challenges and dealing with the drama that comes with them, all while fighting through vigorous training regimes and reaching their fitness and fashion goals for 2016!

Meet the contestants:

Lookpong Punyabhut, Thailand
Jess Punch, Singapore

Deena Marzuki, Malaysia

Victoria Wheeler, Australia

Sean Kyle Raminez, Philippines

Marlon Dance-Hooi, Singapore & Malaysia

Michael Gelonesi, Australia

Anthony D. Walker, USA

Jackie Zapata, USA & Philippines

Vladimir Musson, Russia & Australia

Sam Gaskin, Australia

Katherine Patrick, Australia

Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi, Indonesia

Attila CK, Hungary & Malaysia

These 14 feisty contestants will seek to redefine their bodies, self-image and self-confidence with the help of fashion experts: Louise Roe, Todd Anthony Tyler and fitness gurus: Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock. ZALORA will also be playing a part in helping them look fabulous throughout these 10 weeks! We are also dressing Liv Lo, our go-to F4F gossip gal, model, yoga instructor and host of the exclusive online Fit for Fashion series, so she looks sharp throughout. Keep an eye out for our exclusive magazine feature as we spend a day with Liv Lo too! During these all-access webisodes, Liv will take viewers behind the scenes of Fit for Fashion exclusively to chat with host Louise Roe, as well as all the contestants to find out what they really think of that week’s challenge, plus the inside scoop on possible sparks and more.

So, get your gym bag ready and your motivation hat on, it’s time to get fit for 2016!

Every Thursday at 8pm on Starworld.