Form Fitting


Though the body-con dress has taken a backseat for a few years now, it resurfaces every now and then when a girl needs to make an impression — one that only a form-fitting outfit can succeed at creating. Whether it’s a body-con dress made famous by the glorious Herve Leger, or a great ensemble of leather pants and tank top that Isabel Marant seems to do so well, they both have the wow factor that we sometimes need. Complete the look with a pair of fierce stilettos, courtesy of our favourite men, Jimmy (Choo) or Christian (Louboutin).

Long before the 50 Shades fever hit, designers had always had a focus on BDSM for sartorial inspiration. Alexander McQueen’s 2011 black leather and PVC body-con dress was worn with leather knuckle gloves, Dolce & Gabbana sent its models down the catwalk with leather whips in 2007, and in 2013, Versace sent Naomi Campbell down the runway in a velvet tuxedo number that revealed her lacy lingerie. It’s clear where Christian Grey got his appreciation of clothes from.

Three points to note when wearing form-fitting numbers.

1. Good underwear, no VPL (visible panty line) please.

2. If you’re going short, wear a cute jacket on top — don’t give away everything at once!

3. The darker the colour, the more flattering it will be on the body.