Fresh Faced Beauty with DIY Masks


Can’t afford to keep replenishing your face mask stock? Face masks from beauty brands can be really pricey but everyone loves to indulge themselves once in a while. Pampering your skin can be amazing for your face but it can also put a hole in your pocket. For both men and women, face masks are the little luxuries in life. It refreshes and plumps your skin. Cut costs by using a homemade face mask instead and enjoy the same benefits.

  1. Hydrating oatmeal mask

This easy homemade mask recipe helps hydrate and calm redness. Best for dry skin with redness, or even oily skin that needs moisturising, this mask is easy on the wallet and works wonders. If you’re wondering why oily skin needs moisturising, it’s because your skin produces more sebum to replace moisture. So essentially, it means your skin isn’t hydrated enough. A moisturising mask like this one will definitely help.

Ingredients: Raw ground oatmeal, honey, milk & water. Make sure to mix these ingredients in a pan with medium heat.

Caution: Let it cool down first before applying! Rinse gently after.

2. Spot/breakout treatment mask


Things to note, this mask recipe mostly include directions for you to use it as a facial scrub but please don’t do so. You’ll end up with irritated skin and perhaps even scarring on the surface. Instead use gently as a mask and leave it on for 10–15 minutes. This versatile homemade mask can also be used as a spot treatment instead which means dabbing it only to affected areas aka directly onto the spot/acne.

Ingredients: Lemon juice, honey & baking soda. Mix well into a paste and apply gently.

Caution: Lemon juice is extremely acidic so make sure not to get any in your eyes! Avoid eyelids and the under-eye area.

3. De-puffing coffee mask


So you wake up with a puffy face after a late night sleep and you need to look brighter and livelier. With this homemade mask, the ingredients work well together to help diminish your puffiness. Caffeine works in a way that it tightens the little vessels under your face. Although it may come out as a scrub like texture, do not scrub. Apply just like you would any mask.

Ingredients: Coffee grounds, virgin coconut oil & honey. Add an essential oil of your choice if you want to.

Caution: Some essential oils may cause irritation so only add it in if you know that it won’t bother your skin.

Do a patch test before applying onto your skin and don’t expect immediate results after just one use. Once you’re sure that there are no adverse reactions, use the masks twice a week and see how things go from there. If you have any DIY mask recipes of your own, leave it down below.