Fresh Start — Detox your makeup routine

Every now and again, your makeup bag and routine will need a thorough clean-out or, what we like to call, a fresh start. Toss out old lip liners, reinvigorate your compacts, and switch out dried-up mascaras.Never to be seen again is the free tester lippy you got from a high-end shop last year which you still haven’t used but like because of the packaging. Instead, take our cue and replace these items with key makeup bag essentials that are fresh, clean and easy to use. Perfect for a fresh start to 2016.

Exfoliator — Before you even start with makeup you need to make sure your skin is clean and well-prepped. A beaded exfoliator is a great way to unclog your pores and remove dirt build-up. Wash your face with warm water to ‘open up’ your pores so it’s easier to get a thorough clean, before slathering on an exfoliator.

Moisturiser — You are never too young to start using moisturiser on a daily basis, especially one with added SPF protection. Keep in a cool place to extend its shelf life — although generally, they should last for about two years. If you’re religious (you better be), you should have finished the tub before then. Remember to apply with clean hands and make sure the lid is tightly screwed on after use.

Mascara — Ideally, you should be refreshing your mascara every three months to save it from going past the stage of being clumpy and stale, which could lead to nasty eye infections. For an added boost to your lashes this new year, choose a jet-set volumiser and all-day lasting curl hold mascara to see you through from morning to night.

Concealer — You really don’t need too much concealer if your skin is generally blemish-free; it’s not great for the skin in our climate since pores are more susceptible to being clogged up. However, if you must, choose one with a creamy consistency that matches your current skin tone and apply only in necessary areas with the lightest touch.

Lippy — Every girl knows that to brighten up her look, a swish of bright lippy will do the trick. But if your pout paint is way over a year old, it’s high time you tossed it in the bin. Opt for a lip balm to bring moisture and life to your lips, then start with these K.I.S.S.I.N.G beauties to ring in 2016 with a bang.

Remember, makeup is something to enhance your face, not change it. So if you are feeling in need of a new look, try a home facial or go for a run to bring life back into your skin before reaching for that extra layer of makeup.