Front Man

Think New York cruising and late night get-ups — tarnished dark florals loosely buttoned up, and honeycomb knits draped over the shoulders of the man in the record shop. Last night’s memories of what went down in Studio 54 are still fresh in his mind. The mod feel with a ’70s attitude is updated, as layering and tailoring become key to looking sharper than he feels. Grab your brown slacks and washed navy knit, throw on a corduroy shirt and finish with plans you have for tonight’s vice.

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Textured Sweater
Basic Cropped Chinos
Pebbled Leather Brogues
Black 2 Pack Thread Bracelets
Western Checkered Short Sleeve
Faux Leather Ankle Boots
WT - SB2 Jersey Cardi Jacket
Tight Stonewash Blue Jeans