Full Bloom in Spring Beauty Prep

Don’t let the winter blues stop you from preparing for the upcoming fresh spring next year. Inspired from the runway beauty looks of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi for Spring/Summer 2017, nothing says flower power than the most sought after lip art as seen recently. Sure, it might be odd to walk out of the house with petals stuck onto your lips or face but here are some dupe beauty looks to try instead. Think lipstick and nail polish — all you need is a keen eye for colour and the right beauty products!

1. Classic Red

When you’re all in for fuss free and timeless style, take cues from petite red flowers and go for a stained red lip with bold red nails. It’s easy to pull off and simply chic for any day or occasion. If you’re feeling more adventurous, put on an ombre lip to make it look more accurate to the floral lip. Use a plum and red lip colour, apply and blend both colours with a lip brush — and you’re good to go.

2. Daring Purple

So you like to stand out from the crowd. Aside from the usual deep dark burgundy, why not take inspiration from the mallow flower and opt for a mauve instead? Mauve is a pale purple making it a lovely shade to wear on a sunny day out. Pair your purple coloured lips with a matching nail polish and neutral eye makeup to balance the look. In a sea full of women in red lipstick, you’ll be sure to stand out like an individual wildflower.

3. Spirited yellow

You embody the free spirited wild child and love to keep things natural. With this daisy inspired look, you’ll need fresh faced minimal makeup. Think no makeup-makeup, natural brushed eyebrows and a healthy glow. Let your outfit and accessories do the talking while you make a feature point with yellow and white painted nails. Opt for lipbalm or lipgloss instead of lipstick and highlight with a neutral eyeshadow for some glimmer.

4. Demure pink

For the quiet shy ones who feel too much of the world. Even wilting florals inspire you. When the mallow fades from purple to a tinge of pink, it appeals to your sense of emotion. Put on a quick blush of pink and paint your nails with a charming soft pastel hue to complete the look. Perhaps even try a peachy tone for variation. Choose to flourish in the most subtle of ways — understated with a peace of mind.

Are you ready for spring yet? What’s your kind of petal? Leave a thought or two down below.