Get The Power-Brow and Flirtatious Cat-Flick sorted

When I mention eyebrows and eyeliner, which two very famous, very gorgeous British ladies spring to mind? Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung?

They are both equally well-known for their love of eye-grooming tools, albeit different ones. You could go as far as to say that those two are the reason for the sudden popularity in bushy arches, as well as the reinvention of black eyeliner. With the help of Sephora, we learn how to perfect the power brow and flirtatious cat-flick.


Before Cara, eyebrows had gone through a very long stage of being pruned and plucked to precision, not a hair must be out of place, and most eyebrows were on the verge of becoming too thin. Then Cara hit the scene with her famous strong brows. Suddenly, the bigger, bushier, and more natural-looking arches came back and thank goodness for that! We are now at a stage where beauty is all about enhancing what we already have, instead of dwelling on what we wish we had.

1. Brush: Comb your brows upwards and into a strong natural arch, trimming any loose strands whilst you go.

2. Define: Using a brow pencil, choose the colour that matches your own natural shade and define your brows to make them thicker looking.

3. Fix: Keep those unruly hairs at bay by gently fixing them in place using a brow wax or brow mascara.

4. Highlight: Finally, finish off by using a highlighting pencil/shadow in a pearly iridescent colour to accentuate and bring out the shape of the arch, creating fuller and deeper looking brows.


Alexa is another beauty who focuses on her natural beauty — occasionally highlighting one key feature by creating a red lip or black cat-eye flick. Alexa Chung is not the first celebrity to be renowned for the cat flick — Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Kate Moss, and the legendary Amy Winehouse were all keen advocates of the look, albeit each with their own individual take on the shape and width of the flick.

1. The Fine Line is a look most popular with Alexa Chung and is the ideal accompaniment to a casual day look. A thin black line with casual corner flick will give your beauty look a subtle update without becoming too overwhelming.

2. The Classic Line, which has a rock ’n’ roll vibe to it, is favoured by Lana Del Ray and Kate Moss was seen on the runway of Saint Laurent this season. Go a little bigger and bolder with your flick, and remember to fill in any empty area.

3. The Dramatic Line has been pretty much owned by Amy Winehouse, although Cleopatra does give her a run for her title. This effect will take a lot of practice — the use of two separate lines that are joined up at the edge of the flick will need to be filled in. Follow the shape of your eyebrow for the curve of the top section of the flick. Practice makes perfect.