Getting Frilly With It

Alert, they’re currently in season and spotted across global fashion centrals. Dominating the street style scene with its appeal, the frill is real. Frills are playful and definitely made for the upcoming frivolous spring/summer season. The question remains, how does one frill? From full body to devil in the detailings, there’s a frill for everyone. Let’s have a quick look!

1. The Ultimate Frill Pro

First up, body frills. Nothing else matters when you put on a full frill for a day out. You know exactly what you’re getting into when you put that full frill on. It’s the best way to flounce the frill and best worn when you know you got it. It may be daunting for the demure wallflower but for the seasoned trendsetter, this is your go to frill.

2. The Mid Frill Seeker

Let’s hope that full frill didn’t scare you. So we’ll take it down a notch. For you, the one who’s willing to give frills a try but perhaps not as out there as the full body frill, look for frilly tops with bib necklines and layered frills aka ruffles. There’s minimal risk with the way it looks and feels just right when you’re out doing your thing.

3. The Beginner Frill Tamer

Fret not, tiny frill babies. Minimal frills are your best friends. Aim for the details instead of full fledged frilly flounces. Look for frilly bell sleeve top cuttings, hems and shoulder detailings. Bought an intermediate frill item? Don’t worry, you can use it as an outerwear instead. There are plenty of ways to play with frills even if you’re new to it. Go ahead and give in to the frill.

So what’s your frill level? Giving it a try soon? For frills sake, leave your thoughts down below!