Gift Picks for The Beauty Junkie

Gifting season is upon us and you’ll need to be sure about what to gift your loved ones who’s crazy about beauty items. With delivery hours being cut short or going completely off during the year end holidays, it’s an essential skill to have about knowing exactly what to buy for the beautyholic and having it arrive just in time. Your beauty junkie bestie will probably be anticipating a one of a kind beauty gift all wrapped up ready to be opened at the stroke of midnight so try not to disappoint! With this optimised and compact gift suggestion list, your gifting skills will definitely be on point.

1. The gift of skin pampering

Any beauty lover will most likely be wearing makeup most days so tell them you care by gifting them the gift of skin care. Get a facial and spa day booked at a renowned aesthetician or look for a skin care gift set to make things simpler. Don’t forget to subtly ask or find out about their skin type so you won’t accidentally purchase an incompatible product. Best go with mask packs, serums, essences or body care products which are made to add to any existing skincare routine.

2. The gift of a helping hand

Wait, don’t get confused. It’s not literally helping someone out although that would be a good idea too so maybe bake some cookies? But alright, back to the real deal. Beautyholics plus makeup are inseparable and what else can they possibly need you may wonder — tools. Yes, tools that give them a hand when applying makeup! You’ll be surprised at how much they rely on good tools for better makeup application. This gift is a plus for any newbie makeup adventurer too.

3.The gift of luxe tresses

You might want to let your beauty bestie know that their hair needs some love too. Treat them to a line of luscious hair care products or even a new hairspray that gives them a gorgeous beach babe wave for everyday wear. Curls are always in trend and the texture gives an illusion of volume for those with fine hair. For your besties who change hair colour according to the seasons, a hair treatment product would definitely be a good idea but make sure it works well with chemically treated hair.

Remember to let yourself indulge too so get one for yourself and another as a treat for your loved one in the festive seasons. What’s your go to gift solution for a beautyholic? Give a helpful hint down below.