Just in time for Autumn/Winter 2016, global sportswear brand PUMA continues to expand their successful collection of sportswear by unveiling the latest IGNITE Dual, the sequel to the brand’s IGNITE series.

This shoe offers athletes and runners alike a combination of ultimate flexibility and cushioning for medium to long distances, thanks to the groundbreaking technology of the Ignite foam.

Here’s what to expect of the revamped classics. Puma’s signature Ignite foam is now uniquely intertwined throughout the interior and exterior of each pair. This improves the responsive cushioning, rebound and comfort for the wearer. PUMA’s team also incorporated chevron grooves into the midsoles to improve compression during landing and rebound energy return. Furthermore, the brand promises their fans enhanced posture support with an outsole to mimic the natural gait of the runner — way to go!

With every step taken, a guidance groove that runs from the heel allows a smoother transfer of the runner’s weight from heel-strike to toe-off. In addition, deep forefoot flex grooves allows the freedom of movement and the heel made of carbon rubber increases it’s durability.

The incredible unisex line comes in various stunning colors; with standouts such as stunning red bleeding into the white soles as well as black and grey mash-up. Heck, if you’re rushing from home to the gym, and then to the track and there after cafes, the IGNITE Dual line’s got you covered.

“Our vision is to create a running community. We have the best shoe for you to get “IGNITED” and never look back the anymore. We are aiming to become the top sports brand once again, I am confident with the launch of PUMA Ignite, we are one step closer to our vision,” says Tim Tham, Assistant Marketing Manager of PUMA.

“Fuel your passion and run like the wind” with the all-new IGNITE dual.