H! By Henry Holland

Incorporating strong British aesthetics into his designs, we pick the brains of quirky fashion designer, Henry Holland.

Henry Holland gave us an insight on his design process as well as predicts what could be 2017’s biggest hit. Henry Holland gives us his take on the fashion scene and how he stumbled upon fashion design:

Have you always known you were going to be a designer? What made you decide to become one?

Where I grew up in the north of England fashion wasn’t a career choice and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I moved to London to study. As soon as I got here and realised that fashion courses existed I was desperate to get enrolled on one. It turns out I was too late and the courses were full so I just had to make the most of my extra time and do as much fashion related work experience as I could! I have always loved clothes and fashion and styles and the power it has to change the way you feel and the way your project yourself to the world from day to day.

What/who are your sources of inspiration?

I like to tell a story with my work. I love people and their stories. I take inspiration from factual and fictional characters, or just from people I meet in the street. Each season is a different inspiration point that we develop and tell the story behind the woman.

Describe your design philosophy.

I like to make clothes that project certain personality traits. They are bold, playful and exciting and colourful! Literally and metaphorically.

Holland and his girl crew

What do you do when you’re stuck for ideas?

I’m NEVER stuck for ideas. I think as a creative person you are like a sponge. Always absorbing ideas and turning them into ideas that can translate into the work that you do. It’s more like there is a queue of ideas waiting for an outlet than any sort of writers / designers block.

Which celebrity(s) do you wish to see wearing your designs?

I love seeing people wearing my designs whoever they are. It could be a woman in the bus stop or a megastar on the red carpet but just seeing your work being chosen by a woman to be worn and styled into their own personal way is always a thrill.

What do you think is the next big fashion trend? How do you think this will influence your upcoming designs?

I think there is a real trend towards comfort at the moment and protection. Long sleeves and more comfortable leisurewear styles are prominent and I see this trend continuing.

Which trends do you think are here to stay?

Sportswear! I don’t think it is a trend anymore but more a way of dressing. Sports-luxe, leisurewear whatever you want to call it. Bomber jackets, hoodies and sweats there is a real shift to a more casual way of dressing.

What is one wardrobe staple every woman/man should own?

A great piece of outerwear. Here in the UK it’s rare that the weather is good enough to not need a good coat and I think first impressions are important.

What is your stance on sustainable fashion?

I think it’s a very important issue that we all as an industry have a duty to work towards a more sustainable industry. It’s something that I try to incorporate into my operations at every level.

What are some struggles you have as a designer?

There just are not enough hours in the day! I love what I do but I could definitely do with a clone!

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