Hair Care For The Maverick: Hanz De Fuko

Whether it’s the denim jacket that survived a series of heartbreaks or the pair of sneakers that have been a conversation starter no matter where you go, such sentimental components form a bigger picture of one’s personal style, or couture, call it what you may. Such idiosyncrasies are understood and appreciated by Hanz De Fuko, which aims to complement and amplify your unique persona.

Know Hanz De Fuko

Established by childhood friends David Alfonso and Christopher Zent, the oddball duo sought to break free from the drudgery of corporate life, and immerse themselves into the creative. Hanz De Fuko was born with one purpose-to pay tribute to the individualistic, unfettered soul who was soaked in inventiveness and imagination.

The Hanz De Fuko Persona

Anyone can be a Hanz De Fuko person-an artist slumbers within all of us. Vibrant, fun-loving and youthful, the one who is able to find their creative purpose in life whilst remaining true to their ideals and beliefs, best embodies all that Hanz De Fuko has to stand for.

The Hanz De Fuko Product

With their eclectic range of hair accessories, you can be rest assured that your crowning glory will receive stellar treatment. Clean, natural and devoid of any artificial substances, Hanz De Fuko’s plant-extract based shampoos and conditioners are the perfect companion for your hair-care journey.

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