Here’s How to Get Over FOMO


FOMO is a real thing. It’s literally the Fear of Missing Out. The thing is, you don’t really need to fear anything when it comes to social or life events. These happen planned or unplanned and sometimes you just want to spend some time alone which is completely A-Okay. But why do people still have FOMO? The effects of social media and how things can “appear” to be more fun without you — that’s why. Here’s how to overcome FOMO and you’ll see how being alone isn’t really about being lonely.

  1. Do something about it

So you’re scrolling through your feed or timeline and you notice this selfie of your buddies hanging without you. A little after that’s when the negatives start to roll in and FOMO bites you hard. Chill. Really, just let it go. It might have been something spontaneous, they met by chance at the location, etc. It doesn’t mean that they’ve ditched your or abandoned you. Want in on the next picture? Hit them up and ask them what the plan is for next weekend! Take action and plan a day out with them.

2. Learn to be alone once in a while


This one might be hard for the social butterflies. You can’t seem to contain all your excitement and just want to be out there all the time. Again, it’s not a negative point. However, you’re affected by FOMO the hardest because you’re not used to being alone. There’s always a stereotype and stigma about people who are seen alone. Associated words include: loner, socially awkward, etc.

These are all labels and they don’t matter (seriously, they don’t) so don’t give in to it. No plans for the weekend? Catch up on your favourite show, go grocery shopping, hang at a quaint cafe and kickback with a book, get to the gym or pool. Girls, spend your alone time trying a new makeup tutorial. Perhaps even record your attempt and post it up!

3. Avoid assumptions based on thoughts & feels


FOMO happens for a reason. It’s because of what you think is happening. It’s because of how you feel about what’s happening or has happened. Now what are all these? They’re assumptions. That’s what got you into the FOMO phase in the first place. Best way to avoid it all? Distract yourself. Steer away from the negative thoughts and feelings.

You know you’re going to get FOMO if you think and feel in such a way so just don’t do it. Easier said than done? No. It’s either you do it or you don’t. So step away from assuming that things are more fun without you or that you’re being alienated. Do something that affects you positively even if it means having to do it on your own.

Got any of your own weekend plans alone? Have you ever gotten FOMO? Share a thought down below.