Hijab Styles To Flaunt On Eid Day

Eid Day is just coming around the corner and we bet that you have already shop for new clothes, shoes and accessories to flaunt for the occasion. Some of you might also start on your Raya holiday already. For the muslimah ladies, one of the crucial things is how they should style their hijab during the celebration. With many modern hijab styles, it can be quite overwhelming to decide what works best for you. If you have no idea what hijab styles to flaunt this coming Eid Day with your stunning traditional wears, check out the few choices below.

1. One Loop Swirl

If you are someone who prefers simplicity but still wants a little hint of modern touch, the standard one loop style will be the perfect choice. Choose a normal standard shawl which matches your outfit and twirl it around your head and secure it with beautiful brooches.

2. Turkish Style

For the muslimah ladies who want to pull that modern look, the Turkish styles will definitely make you the center of attention. By simply putting your hair up high, wearing an inner scarf, pulling the ends of the hijab and tying it behind your neck you have that elegant touch. This style also help bring focus towards your outfit as well.

3. Hijab with Sunnies

Other than that, it does not matter what hijab style you are donning, try to maximize the beauty by wearing a nice pair of sunglasses to bring out the glam. It definitely adds that sophisticated touch to your wardrobe which makes you appear chic and stylish on Eid Day.

Do you have any other favourite hijab styles you want to share with us? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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