How Not To Dress Your Age

When you’ve been told to dress your age, the usual response comes in either one of two ways: you conform to it or you instantly rebel. For those who respond with the latter option, props to you. There’s always a little challenge seeker in all of us and that includes you — the one who does exactly what they’re told. Break out of that complex with these tips and see how not dressing your age is actually A-Okay.

1. The Energetic 20s

Youth with a punch. Fresh out of your blooming years, you’re still looking for yourself; an identity. In your early 20s, try everything you possibly can. From an All American Classic to Nordic Minimalism, fashion styles are abundant. Want a little more edge? Practice your heel skills and add a pair of tailored cigarette pants to your wardrobe.

“Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.” — Iris Apfel

2. The Swinging 30s — 40s

You’ve gone through every fashion faux pas there is (or not and that’s okay!) plus, you have a general feel of what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to fashion. Here’s the thing though, you’ll get bored when you’re stuck in repetition. It’s great to have a niche but time to spice things up a little. Add a new colour and print into the common 30s-40s women’s monotone office closet or switch up that bold red lip for a statement suede brown lipstick. Perhaps it’s even time to bring your denim back to life.

3. The Enigmatic 50s and beyond

You’re at your prime. There are days when you miss the essence of youth and what better way to cure it than by adding a little bump of fun into your outfits? You don’t have to put on a crop top to do so. It can be as simple as a wearing a significant colour from a moment that you want to relive or a delicate yet structured dress for youthful sophistication. Stay fun yet polished and embrace your age.

What’s your fave item to put on when you don’t feel like dressing your age? Share it with a comment below.