No one can deny that falling in love is definitely the best feeling especially in the early stage where you feel butterflies in your tummy and act giddy as you can be. This is normal for any girl who is falling for someone as you feel the happiness and connection between both of you. However, some relationships we build do not last long and it is the worst feeling when it can’t work out. Relationship ends for multiple reasons and it definitely breaks your hurt to lose someone you. Everyone can admit that going through a split is devastating for both parties especially if you have been together for quite some time and it is difficult to think straight. Below are the ways you need to endure in to get over someone without going crazy.

1. Cry!

Let it out! Do not keep your emotions bottled up insides as this will make you feel tortured. Bawl your eyes out, scream into a pillow and release all the sad emotions you are feeling. Crying definitely is the best healthy route to overcome heartbreak and it also helps our brain to accept the fact of the current situation.

2. Cut the ties

Disconnect all the ties you have with your ex from blocking his number and deleting him on social media platforms. This allows you to hold yourself from calling him up and even stalking his activities. Do not immerse yourself on what your ex is doing and try to move on slowly without him in your life.

3. Toss the reminders

In every relationship, there are gifts, notes, photos, clothes and other items which you receive from your partner. Toss them away in a box and seal it shut. If you do not have the heart to throw it all away, no worries as you can stash it away in the attic, basement or storage room. You do not want to keep reminiscing in the memories you guys built together throughout the relationship.

4. Go Out with Your Friends

Once you have cried your eyes out, block him from all communication and toss the reminders away, it is time for you to dress up and go out with your friends. Do not dwell in the sadness too long as you will tend to feel lonely. Keep your close friends by your side and do activities which will make you enjoy the single life.

5. Love Yourself First

Being in a relationship sometimes make you forget the things you used to enjoy so this is the time you can make use to find yourself back. Avoid shouldering the blame of why it didn’t work out and know that you are worthy of being loved by the right person in time. Take time to do the things you love and learn to nurture the parts you love about your own self.

Do you have any more ideas on how to get over someone you love? Share with us in the comment section below.

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