How to Get The Sexy Bombshell Waves

It cannot be denied that any women will fall in love with the sexy bombshell wavy hair look as it somehow makes a woman look effortlessly sexy. Victoria Secret models made the wavy hair look stunning and women can never get enough of it. However, there are some women out there who are clueless on how to achieve the perfect volumizing wavy hairstyle look and totally need help on it. Sometimes we struggle in making the wavy locks to hold and avoid making our hairstyle look messy. So if you are one of those girls who need some guidance, take a look at the best way on getting your sexy bombshell waves.

1. Bun Up!

If you are thinking on making up your hair the next day for work, a date or special occasion, tie your hair up in a bun the night before and sleep on it. This will allow your hair to hair that nice puffy natural volume boost the next day.

2. Blow dry

It is said that unwashed hair are the best to hold on your curls better so if you wake up the next day, try skipping washing your hair. That’s the use of putting your hair up in a bun. However if you feel that your hair is too oily the next morning, it is better to wash it first but skip the conditioner. But no worries as you can blowdry it after. Make sure you do not blow dry thoroughly and leave some dampness to your washed hair.

3. Use volumizing product

Before you get curling, gently brush through your hair and spritz or slather some texturizing product to give an added volume to your hair. This helps in giving your that early boost before you start your curling process.

4. Curl it up

Now, it is time to start pulling those hair styling irons out. If you love that sexy sophisticate hairstyle,use curling irons with a larger diameter will definitely get you the look you are aiming for. Start curling your hair from the back to the front and avoid touching the parts you have curled. You do not want the curl to wind back down. Keep curling the locks until have your desired wavy look and let it cool off.

5. Shake it out

Once your hair has cooled off, shake it out gently using your fingers for that natural wavy look. Puff it up and make sure you shake on the top part of your head to as you want your hairstyle to have that voluminous texture.

6. Spray it

This is the the part where you get your final look so once you puff it out with your hands and set it nicely, spray throughout your hair with the best spray you got. Remember to not spray too much or too little and scrunch up your curls once done. Walla! You have the best bombshell waves ever!

So why not get your curling irons out and start dolling up? Share with us your results in the comment section below because we love to hear them.

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